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NittanyEquestrian 10-20-2010 04:37 PM

Decisions, Decisions! Sporthorse Breeding 2011 Decisions =P
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I have two very well conformed, athletic and well bred TB mares. One is turning 10 and one is turning 4. I am looking to breed sporthorse babies with them and start a small scale, high quality sporthorse breeding program in the next few years. I am focusing mainly on dressage and eventing but all babies will be acceptable and excel in the Hunter/Jumper rings as well. Both mares are well suited to and excel in all disciplines but my main discipline is eventing. The 10 yr old has done it all and done it all well but can be hotter and is a more challenging ride and the 4 yr old is just starting competitions and x-rails but is athletic, very willing and a 10+ mover with a great brain and very sweet demeanor.

I have long considered a warmblood or Friesian cross to add some bone and depth to the TBs as they are solid mares but are not by any stretch of the imagination big and solid, more like refined and athletic with adequate strength of frame and depth of bone like a typical TB sporthorse. I would like to add a little bone and size of frame to them to get a solid sporthorse that will hold up well under the pressures of work and competition for many years in the more demanding aspects like eventing.

I pretty much like all these studs and will more than likely use one or two to breed my mares in the spring. I have my favorites and top choices for each mare already but I'm curious which you would choose for each mare and why. Other stallions that you know of and think complement the mares better for whatever reason feel free to post their info and why as well. There are a lot of great sporthorse breeders on this forum, as well as many trainers and riders that will be looking or are looking for future sporthorses and I'd love to see what you would prefer or like when looking to buy.

*As a disclaimer, the foals that result from these breedings will always have a home with me if needed but they will be high quality sporthorse prospects. They are being bred to improve the sporthorse breeds and it is my hope that they will be taken on by others to finish and compete at the higher levels of competition when they are old enough as I am more into breeding and bringing along babies so they would be wasted with me as fully trained competition mouns. While I agree that there is an overabundance of unwanted horses today this problem is not the result of high quality breedings of productive sporthorses so please limit the no-breeding rants. Thanks.

Here's the link to the stallions I am looking at and some pictures of the mares. Thanks.

Centaur Farms Full Service Stallion Station and Dressage Facility Standing 6 Warmblood Stallions

Spyder 10-20-2010 05:54 PM

I am partial to Don De Marco.

BarnBratt 10-20-2010 06:16 PM

I'm porbab;y not one to judge stallions, but I like Bente D(lovely movements) and the jumper, Crin Rouge

NittanyEquestrian 10-20-2010 06:19 PM

Haha I have been looking very hard at Don de Marco and that's how I found the rest of the studs and now I'm in love with most of them. I also really like Bente D. I'm thinking that I want to breed the first bay, the 10 yr old, to Don de Marco as she's more of a jumper and I would love something that could go higher for eventing and jumpers. And I will most likely breed the little filly to Bente D for a more dressage oriented prospect as she has lovely gaits and is a very nice mover but is daintier than the other mare and the bone a friesian cross would add would be good for her.

NittanyEquestrian 10-20-2010 06:33 PM

That was worded oddly so to clarify. The older mare that I pictured first is limited in her dressage but jumps the moon so I think that the movement and abilities of Don de Marco would really give me a nice solid event prospect.

The younger mare is more dressage oriented but is very tidy with her knees and catty in her jumping. As well as daintier built so the added bone and big action of the friesian would be a good cross for her.

I thought about breeding both to Don de Marco but I would like to play around with TB crosses to see what I like and so the two very different stallions would give me a good start on that. Both mares have similar breeding and conformation so I'm hoping that they will pass on their abilities to their foals.

If anyone is interested the registered names of these two mares are

R Mischievous Lady

BarnBratt 10-20-2010 06:46 PM

That seems like a good choice! The grand pix jumper didn't have as great movements as the others, so I would agree

BarnBratt 10-20-2010 06:48 PM

Btw, I love your first mare. She's gorgeus

ShutUpJoe 10-20-2010 06:50 PM

Ok first off I love love love Friesians and crosses of. BUT having witnessed the birth of a few of Don De Marco's foals on marestare I have to say he produces really nice colts!

NittanyEquestrian 10-20-2010 06:58 PM

Thanks I love her too! She's such a MARE that a lot of people think I'm crazy. But I scooped her off the track with only a few starts as she has no desire whatsoever to be first at anything other than the food bin! She was so thin and undermuscled and tied up that she looked really crazy but her lines and angles are fantastic. And she's got athleticism just oozing out of her. Balanced natural changes, very naturally in the bridle and anything under 3' is child's play for her. I just got the other mare and she's more dainty and refined and sweet with even bigger natural movement than the other one. I'm hoping great things come from these girls for me!

Spyder 10-20-2010 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by ShutUpJoe (Post 788732)
Ok first off I love love love Friesians and crosses of. BUT having witnessed the birth of a few of Don De Marco's foals on marestare I have to say he produces really nice colts!

I would say so. I believe they said 8 gold and 3 silver premiums from 11 foals....yup **** good breeding there.

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