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Angel_Leaguer 10-21-2010 08:39 AM

I rode bareback last night!
Now I know some of you ride bareback all of the time and it isnt a big deal... however I have never ridden April bareback before and it has been 3-4 years since I have ridden a horse bareback.

I started out riding with no irons (trying to improve my posting) and then some thought came over me "maybe I should try bareback". I was a little nervous that April wouldnt stand to let me mount... but she was great! We walked for awhile and then I picked up the trot. I got about four strides in at the lope and decided that neither of us are ready for that. April has a bunch of muscle up front and it was cool to feel it moving. My other mares (in which I have since sold) werent filled out as well when I used to ride them bareback.

I guess this excites me so much because April and I have had a love hate relationship (we just had a hard time clicking) over the last five years. I didnt sell her because I know she has the potential. Early summer of this year I was ready to throw the towel and my mom bought me a riding lesson for my birthday and great things have happened from those two hours. Now I have something to work on this winter and will hopefully we will be a new and improved team come next show season!!!! :-)

ChevyPrincess 10-21-2010 09:33 PM

That's exciting! I wanna ride bareback now with all this talk about it! Lol.

oh man, I know how those 'love, hate' relationships go! Me and my gelding were going through the same thing! Only, I founf out it was the 'trainer' I picked problem. I'm glad you found a solution and hope all is well! I wanted to sell my boy a few times too, but I know we can work it out.

RedTree 10-22-2010 10:09 PM

I rode bareback for the first time as well a little while back :)
Awesome feeling, you should try jumping.

PumpkinzMyBaby22 10-22-2010 10:14 PM

Thats exciting! well done
I cantered bareback yesterday afternoon for the first time in forever. Jumping... maybe I'll wait a bit lol

Angel_Leaguer 10-23-2010 01:36 AM

thanks everyone :)

We wont be jumping bareback anytime soon- I dont feel like eating dirt for supper :P

paintedgait 10-23-2010 01:58 AM

COngrats! :) best type of riding, i think :) i galloped my friend's arab bareback ;) it was soooo much fun. :) Jumping bareback?? Scary... :)

Angel_Leaguer 10-24-2010 12:15 AM

I rode again today and loped around... April did sooo well. That horse just keeps amazing me more and more everyday!

JackofDiamonds 10-24-2010 12:25 AM

Oooh congrats! Its so fun bareback. Have you tried swimming bareback? We have a course that we have to swim across the chanel jump out then gallop down a strip and jump over a log its so fun!! You feel like flying =D

Ilovemyarab 11-17-2010 04:50 PM

Riding bareback is the most amazing feeling...I ride my Arab mare bareback every chance I get(which is not as often as I would like) and I can almost feel what she is going to do. When I have a student having trouble connecting and communicating I have them try bareback.

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