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AmberPick 10-22-2010 11:41 AM

Riding Critique (posting trot in Western)
I think this is my fifth lesson.. If you notice she keeps stoping around the corners it's because she's afraid of the flowers.. The last two times I have ridden her she was really spooky about them. But anyways, I don't think I look very comfortable posting the trot but my instructor wants me to learn.. But I feel like I have more control when I'm sitting the trot. Anyways, I need help with keeping my hands where they should be (suggestions?) and let me know anything else! She said I need to keep my heels down more, too.

We were doing figure eights after this and I did a pretty good job of keeping her at a trot..

I just have no idea how I am doing! The URL isn't working I will post the video as soon as I get it to work!!

Cheyennes mom 10-22-2010 12:23 PM

relax. Your arms look kinda tense. Haha I'm completely opposite to you, I have always learned to post, so now that I'm entering shows, I need to sit trot my western classes. Haha, wow were complete opposites! Ur sitting trot is awesome I just wanted to add! Cheyenne has a REALLY REALLY bumpy trot so I can never get it!
Well um.. So ya relax ur arms and bend them in instead of straightening them out. I also wanted to add that ur horse is beautiful btw! (I'm easily sidetracked)

ErikaLynn 10-22-2010 02:43 PM

You look a little tense, like you are consternating real hard on posting which is understandable since you just learning. With practice you'll get the rhythm, try keeping your elbows bent that might help with keeping your hands in place. If you feel her slowing down just drive her forward with your legs and keep her moving.

Cowgirl101 10-22-2010 02:50 PM

You like to tense, relax a bit more. At the end of the video you look like yo were pushing the stirrups to much foreward.
Your back is straight,unlike mine :oops:.
That's all I saw wrong and I do ride western.

corinowalk 10-22-2010 03:27 PM

Let the motion push you up. You look like you are forcing the post.

Good luck!

farmpony84 10-22-2010 03:38 PM

I don't think you look that bad at all. Put your weight in your heels, you are kind of posting from the ball of your feet and that's not quite right. Put the weight in your heel, same as western and then the post actually comes from the inner thigh rather then the lower leg. I don't think she's spooking at the flowers, she's looking out past that towards the trailer and the barns. I think her mind is just wandering. You need to keep her paying attention to you and her job but over all you guys look good and she is a darling horse....

tinyliny 10-22-2010 08:31 PM

Cute horse! I have a weakness for buckskins.
You do look tense, but who wouldn't , knowing that they are being videotaped. Your arm IS stiff but at least your hand maintains a fixed position , relative to the horse's motion, so that the rein isn't snapping tight, loose, tight, loose, as some folks do.
The problem is that you are posting form your KNEES! Your body weight has stopped at your knees, therefore your entire lower leg is ineffective and the heel comes up. AND, when you post solely form your knees, your energy just kind of rigidly stops there and it puts you in a fragile position; if the horse "propped" (stopped suddenly) you would be thrown forward off the pivot point of your knees.
So, get your weight flowing down your thighs, through your knees into the ankle and heel. Think of your heel being kind of focussed at your horse;s hind feet. This will help keep the energy down and back. Also, think more of your pelvis coming FORWARD rather than so far upward.
If you pick up your horse's trot so that there is a bit more forward energy it will be easier for you.
You will be a really cute English pair!

Cheyennes mom 10-22-2010 09:08 PM

It also looks like your focusing on going UP. I did this too when I first learned to post trot. then when I switched instructors (a more expirienced one) she had told me that when I'm posting, it doesn't have to be 'up to the mountains' it can just me up and FORWARD. Don't just stand, you have to push your waist forward. That helped me a lot!

AmberPick 10-25-2010 09:12 AM

Thanks for all the feedback!! And she is a DOLL I love her, she's one of the lesson horses. She's usually so lazy and doesn't want to trot (like this day) but the day before she was the spunkiest pony! I felt like I was riding two different horses so it was a nice switch up!! She's a sweet little thing though!!

I'm not sure why I look so tense, I had like three videos but apparently my camera only wanted to save one?!?! I am still having the problem with posting where when I really get it she says I do great but when I don't get it I feel totally akward!

How can I work on being more relaxed.. I'm assuming just getting more time in the saddle? I am also having a hard time with being aggressive, mainly because the horses I rode when I was younger never wore bits so I feel like if I'm pulling too hard on the reins I'm going to hurt her poor little mouth! I know it's just pressure it's just my natural reaction!

And about the posting with my thighs.. If I just concentrate on keeping my heels down it seems like I can post much better.. Does that sound right? Maybe that's what I need to concentrate on more is keeping my heels down.

Shenandoah 10-25-2010 12:54 PM

For relaxing, try just taking a deep breath and then slowly letting it out. (Or even just breath in the first place - something we all often forget to do when we're concentrating hard :lol: ).
When you let out a big breath, your muscles tend to relax along with it.

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