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SammyBoy123 03-10-2008 11:49 PM

Sunburn effect
Hi My horse is a bay and his black mane and tail have split ends and has a sunburn effect i have now trimmed the mane but how can i stop this from reoccuring. :?:

jazzyrider 03-11-2008 01:25 AM

i dont know if this is a text book fix or not but keeping the hair really well conditioned and moist. i generally condition manes and tails every weekend. i have found this to really stop the hair drying out in the summer. i see you're in queensland to so we prob have the same problems with it. ive also been trying some human leave in conditioner the last month or so. it seems to be helping the condition of my warmbloods mane and tail no end. i dont think its done the hair any harm so far so maybe thats another option. ive just found the more moisture is in the hair the more it withstands the dryness of the sun :D

Delregans Way 03-11-2008 03:48 AM

Because you have a bay (black mane and tail) black is most vonerable to heat, their for it sunbleaches, goes a carmel colour... To stop this use a hood perhaps. Remember, never cut your horses mane or forelock... :? Eventually the hair will outgrow, if you do cut the forelock, dont cut it looks horrible!! Brush the forelock upwards, straight up, and cut the ends, that wont leave it with the 'bob' look...

Hope this was some help :)

SammyBoy123 03-11-2008 11:31 PM

O oh Forelock
Ooops my dad had already cut it and cut it straight how do I get out of this mess. :oops:

jazzyrider 03-11-2008 11:35 PM

oh dont stress too much :D it will grow out again it may just take a little while but its no big deal :D keep it moist and covered if you can. i know it hard in our climate but even something like a fly sheet would help out

Delregans Way 03-12-2008 03:41 PM

dnt stress but its abit too late now :lol: In future dnt cut ur horses forelock, to make it more manageable buy a thinning comb if he has a thicker forelock.
I reckonmend a Zilco Aic-con, to buy the rug and hood they are around $120.. although it is getting quite cold lately, so a ripstop day rug would be most suitable. If you can, try to get belly straps on the rug, they sit better on the horse.
Do you have a photo of your horse?
Cheers :D

mayfieldk 03-13-2008 02:27 AM

No worries, cutting is fine!
At the University I went to for Equine science, every horse's mane was cut, and that's about 300 of them. :wink: You just have to do it right.
After cutting it the length you want, take the scissors and cut up, into the hair, your scissor blades parallel to the hair shafts. You only cut the tips, and this makes them look a little tiny uneven, like if you pulled it. :D Trick of the trade, right there. A lot of the show horses you see in the paint or quarter horse circuit will have a mane done this way :D If your horse's mane is too thick... THATS when you should pull it :)
For sun-bleaching (I have a bay too!) Try quic black on the mane and tail (helps hide the red-tones) then use a sheet on your horse (a full cover fly sheet works wonders). For the tail, condition it really really well, then put it up in a tail bag without washing it out (if theres a lot of bugs, tie some cloth to the tail bag so he has something to hit the bugs with). Not only will it keep the tail from drying out and bleaching, but it will make it grow nicely, too :)
If you're not that serious... then you could just turn your horse out at night if he has a stall, or... deal with bleached hair. :D
Sweat speeds up the bleaching process also, so after you're done working him, hose him off! :D

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