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ColtHearted 10-23-2010 07:40 PM

From Weanling to Winner
So this will be the journal for Casanova and any other horses I may pick up throughout the years. Feel free to comment, it's always nice to hear other people's thoughts and opinions.

10/21/10 - Casanova arrived today! He was trailered by his breeders from Naylor, GA to Brunswick, GA. He got off the trailer like he'd been doing it all his life and was turned out in his own mini paddock, next to Jade, another Tovero paint who seems to have it out for him! She charges him and pins her ears whenever he gets close to her side of the fence, and he used to run away, but learned pretty quick that she couldn't get him. On the other side of the fence he has a gorgeous mare named Saven I think, and a grouchy Arabian named Stinger, who happens to be for sale among some other horses if you know anyone. ;) Next to him are 2 more geldings, a bay named Turbo and a sorrel named Mag. Both are nice boys and play nice with Casanova, only Jade and Stinger are bossy with him.

I left him alone for the day and came back in the early evening to see just how much he knew. He walked well on the lead rope and lifted his feet, just like he did when I first saw him, but he's also every bit as laid back. Let me brush all over, but he didn't like the fly spray so I had to put it on with a sponge... And he promptly rolled. Ah well, at least the flies are off for now.

10/22/10 - Went to work with Casanova today. We worked on backing up and stopping, his weak areas in ground work. By the end of the session, I had him stopping when I stopped without having to even pull on the lead, and backing up with a light touch and a verbal command. 'Whoa' and 'Back up' have gotten me out of some sticky situations in the past so it's important to me that he knew them.

As I was helping Harry, the owner of the barn, feed all the horses, Casanova got spooked by Jade and somehow ended up with his feed bucket stuck on his head. He didn't even panic! He froze, then started walking around, still eating the grain left in it, and let me take it off without any fuss, and I took the handle off the bucket so he couldn't pull that stunt again! I've never seen a horse do that, and I think it scared me more than it did him.

I also spent some time with the other horses, big mistake since most of them are for sale! Harry and I spent a lot of time talking, and he said that some of the horses were great horses, just belonged to people that couldn't pay their board and gave them up, and if I wanted we could go riding. He also offered me a steal of a deal on said broken horses, and of course, he had to have some gorgeous, docile horses in the mix. But jeeze, I just got Casanova, I'm not sure if I want to take on 2 right now... But I do want to see how they ride. I particularly like Abby, a 13 year old paint mare (Yep, I'm a sucker for paints) and Fancy, a palomino quarter horse. Yep, I'm also a sucker for Palominos, as well as Grulla, Tricolor, and Dun. Basically the deal is any horse I want is free as long as I pay the board on it.

It's strange to think that someday he'll be big enough for me to ride! Hiding behind Mommy.

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