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MysticRealm 03-11-2008 01:44 AM

A Conclusion to "Joining the Dark Side?"
So I have been talking this over a bit with my mom, and thinking about it, and talking with others and I think I have decided what I am going to do.
Firstly I think I will be making the switch into the jumpers.
Secondly, our tentative plan for Veggie is to do a good show season on him in the 3'6 - 3'9 jumpers. This will raise his selling price as we can then market him as a solid 3'6 hunter/jumper which is what 90% of people want.
Then close to the end of show season sell him (hopefully for about 30-35 thousand) then get a semi young warmblood who can do the 4'-5's with some work.
I am planning to ask my trainer when he would have time to discuss me and vega's futures and go from there.
It will be so sad to see him go. I have put so much time and effort into him and really transformed him into a great horse, but he will make someone very happy I am sure.

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