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Eqrider 03-11-2008 12:49 PM

Confessions of a High School Senior
March 11th 2008

So, Joey (Appendix QH Gelding aka my life) just got his strangles shot last saturday and will get his booster on the seventeenth. I feel so ansey to get riding with him, unfortunatly the barn where I'm going to start boarding at required it, so we had to wait to go there. Working like crazy at the gym, its soooo boring but I'm making lotsa $$$. Meh, lifeguarding has it's good and bad points, lets outline them below for my amusement:


- I sit and do nothing 98% of the time
- My jobs include pressing the button to the jacuzzi every 15 minutes and greeting old people.
- Since I have nothing to do, I read magazines, do homework and bring books (anything I want to do)


- old and or strange people sometimes get a little too comfortable with me. I'm not sure if I bring it upon myself when an 80 year old man flirts with me or what. I don't like to think about it.

- Sometimes its EXTREMLY boring. And long. And I don't get paid enough for a lifeguard.

So, yay I have lots of $$$ saved up so I can do a lot of lessons and shows. Gonna start jumping soon too, that should be an adventure, Joey is a bit naughty sometimes. Oh, I'd like to share that I'm in the library and the devil woman of a librarian, Miss Jupin is giving me the evil eye. Her name is Tammy, so we all call her Tam-Joops just to annoy her. She likes to hide behind the books ends and pounce on unsuspecting Freshmen who are texting in between the book shelves. Oh! there she goes now....

Brandon 03-12-2008 12:16 AM

Man i really want my own horse buddy. I got 2 free horses just waitin for me, all i need is somewhere to put them.. I am just completely LOST.. i dont know if i can support a horse right now, i mean i heard it and saw a few ranches online charge $350 dollars a month for boardin... I LOVE horses but i just got this wall infront of me...

Eqrider 03-12-2008 12:56 PM

#1 Reason why I have my job = horses! I had such a hard time affording everything before, I'm so thankful I can work so much, otherwise, I probably would have to sell mine.

March 12 2008

Yeah, so our Governor just left office, thats what anyone's talking about. I had salad for lunch...erm...hate math...Tam-Joops almost write me up for "cheek" yesterday...OH! my dance teacher Mother Bracket (we call her that b/c she reminds us of a nun) hasn't been to our class in over a week. Bracket-In-Training (aka Kevin) likes to try and take over, but everyone just goes nuts...can't WAIT for this day to be OVA!!

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