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mokinho 02-11-2007 01:58 PM

young horse charges and postions self to kick out

I just purchased a Friesian filly. I worked with her several months at the place I purchased her from and she has been at my place for about a month now. I went to grab her halter and she turned around positioned her butt up against me and gave me a warning. I scattered away from her. I didn't have the means or the leverage to punish this act at the time. I went to the tack room and retrieved the buggy whip and went up to her, but this time I didn't get to the halter, she charged me. I took the buggy whip raised it and she retreated. I approached her again (my approach..her facing me and me facing her) and again she charged, this time I raised the whip and she retreated. However, this time I took the whip and wacked her on her butt as she was retreating. I came in side thinking she has a nasty streak in her. Which she just might have or it could be that for her 1 1/2 of life she lived with horses and wasn't handled much. Most of the handling was me going to her and working her once a week any where from 2 hours to 5 hours. Any suggestions on how to handle/stop this behavior?

kristy 02-11-2007 05:42 PM

I think you did the best thing you could do at the time. Remember to stay in control and be a confident leader. If this behavior continues, update us!

mokinho 02-11-2007 09:45 PM

Worked with her again tonight
She is a horse in the rarest of forms. Well not as rare as a mustang, but she surely needs to learn some respect!!!!

I went out there tonight with my trusty whip and she wouldn't come up to me. Only when my other Freisian came to visit did she come up. My other Friesian is a DOLL and she is the same age, but unlike the newest addition (Rasha) she has been handled through out her life and NEVER makes thretening moves towards me.

So.. Rasha finally came up to visit and we talked and when my good mare walked away I held Rasha there for awhile and then sent her off with out incident. Rasha knows the whip now and is very cautious when coming to me. After about a half hour of coming and going she decided to get in her stall. It was definatley feeding time and she knows that if she doesn't get in the stall she doesn't get dinner. So I stood in front of the stall talking to her and going in to brush her and out. I did that several times. Well there were several times where she would position her butt up against the stall where I was standing on the outside. I took that as a threat, so the third time I smacked her on the butt with the brush and she moved out. It took awhile for her to come back up to me face first and I brushed her so she wouldn't get scared of brushes and talked about respect. She positioned her butt again against the stall and she got wacked again. Waited for her to come up to me again (waiting........) and when she did come up to me the finale time I brushed and talked to her and she sent her away. Mind you this is while I was on the outside of the stall and her on the inside. The BIG challenge was putting her grain in her bucket.... :roll: I put hay in and walked in gave grain and walked out unscathed. I've NEVER had a horse that was all horse all the babies I've managed through out all my years had nothing but respect for me. My oldest mare who past away last year would never dream of hurting me. If I were behind her and she spooked at something she would go out of her way to get away from me :cry: And she was 1 1/2 old when I bought her. She was 29 when she past on. oops showing my age now.... :shock: :wink:

Friesian Mirror 02-11-2007 10:06 PM

I don't know if this will help or not, but when my Friesian/Appy filly won't go forward or if she runs off while I'm leading her, I make her back up and turn circles right and left and afterwards she'll go to get out of extra work. But if she doesn't, I do it again. The next time you grab your filly's halter and she charges you, back her up, then pet her(to let her know she did that right), then turn her in cirlces left and right. I think that may help her learn that that is not exeptable. let me know if this helps! Oh and Rose is 9 months old.

crackrider 02-11-2007 10:53 PM

Try Monty Robert's join up or something along those lines. It might be somehting scared her and she doesn't feel confident to let you come near. She might think her only way to escape is to lash out or charge. She may just need to learn to trust you more.

Razeal 02-12-2007 07:32 AM

I agree on the natural horsemanship skills, they are awesome.
She is being disrespectful and that can be really scary. Can you seperate her from other horses? She is obviously not seeing you as a repspected 'leader' and it needs to be nipped in the bud! Due to her being left so long unhandled she has gained alot of natural dominant horse behaviour.
I would yard her and keep her seperated, take her for inhand walks where there are no distractions, bonding time. Only feed her if she behaves...she will soon learn to appreciate seeing you.
Also, do you work her or do what she would consider boring stuff everytime you bring her in? Change the routine everyday and reward for good behaviour(a pat will do for now).
I hope you get some improvement from her and I recommend the Parelli DVDs available...All the best :D

Razeal 02-12-2007 07:40 AM

P.S Totally agree with you on the 'didnt have the means or leverage' to deal with at the moment explanation. Some people say "Always get back on a horse" or "Never jump off when the horse is playing up"!
But hey, if I feel Im in danger Im not willing to put myself at risk to bust a horses ego.
I was trying to road ride the other day and the horse just started playing up, dancing out into the middle of the road(she wanted to return home) a car came, she started little rearing and wouldnt 'get off' the road, then a truck was coming so I just thought 'hell with it!' I got off , led her to the side and held her till the traffic settled, than I walked her further up and rode her back...I feel that if your in danger, think about yourself! (Bad I know but I really cant afford to get hurt, especially when youve got a job and bills to pay! :lol: )
Keep us updated on your fillys behaviour :wink:

mokinho 02-12-2007 12:53 PM

She was respectful this morning
They stay in their stall at night and YES she was very respectful this morning. No feed until she connected with me. As I mulled over this through out the night and into the morning. I could have cause her misbehaviour. I was handing out two snacks to each girl, and when the snacks ran out is when she got unrully. Hopefully when I get home tonight it will be a good story to share.

And yes I take into consideration that if I'm in danger I'm no good to the horse or myself. The same way when flying; they say that in an event you put the oxygen mask on you first before the child..... :o I know it doesn't need to be said, but I'll say it any way. If you can't take care of those that are not able to understand how to take care of themselves in a bad situation its a no win situation!

Everything in life is a lesson and all it takes is time. The more time I work on this situation the better it will get, but trust me I will not turn my back on her and always watch her back side :lol:

horsecrazy15 02-12-2007 02:02 PM

Re: She was respectful this morning

Originally Posted by mokinho
Everything in life is a lesson and all it takes is time. The more time I work on this situation the better it will get,

i agree with this, and yea i think with what your doing is good and she sounds like all you need to do is carry this on and give her plenty of time to get used to you. :D hope she gets better soon, what do you intend to do with her when she's maturer?

mokinho 02-12-2007 11:48 PM

:roll: All the way home I was so nervous about working with her tonight :shock: I had to get over my fear! Fear of getting hurt! I can't afford that. So rather than procrastinate, I changed into my horse gear along with rubbers as its been raining heavy these past few days and the back looks like swamp in some areas and sticky mud/clay like ground. I kept telling my self to make sure you’re on solid ground where ever I approach her. I let her approach me and it was only when my good mare (Raina) was hanging out with me. I'll refrain from calling Rasha my bad mare. I might put a label on her that most definitely isn't a good label. Rasha is VERY cautious when coming to me so it took some time for her to relax. When she did I hooked her up to the lead line and we stood for awhile while I consoled her (I mean me LOL) and then proceeded to walk her around. She was EXCELLENT; she stopped when I asked her to stop and walked out when I asked her to walk. Even backed up a few steps when I asked her to do so and that I could not do when I was visiting her from where I purchased her. YAAAAAAAAAA big mild stone there. She did charge in a kind of sort of way, but Raina was between us so I think this is why she did a half attempt at trying to tell me what to do. When it came to dinner time, about an hour and half of work we all walked to the barn and Rasha went to her stall, but stood there planted in the ground watching me very closely. I didn't force her in I talked to her firmly by telling her to get in her house and made Very slight movements with the stall gate. By the third motion with the gate she walked in and turned around to me with out any animosity :D . I fed and then came back to work with her in relation to me handling her while she's eating.... From outside of the stall (yeah big chicken am!) :wink: When she would lift her head out I would take hold of her halter and pull her away from her food. She didn't like it, but I didn't get the anger she has been displaying in the past. I petted her with the whip and she moved away, but food over powered that fear and she stood with me moving the whip along side her chest, neck and side. All the while singing to her, "your a good girl!". I'm sure you all know that song :wink:

When they grow up they will be pulling a vis-Ă*-vis. I purchased one at an auction. This buggy use to belong to Buck Owens.

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