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RowdyLover 10-31-2010 07:48 AM

Bates Caprilli
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Hey all, wondering if anyone could help me price a saddle. It's a Bates Caprilli as the title suggests. I hardly looked at it sideways for the 18 months I've owned it as I only bought it because I needed more saddles for my WAY to many horses (opening a riding school) and I figured it would fit someone. My grand plans fell in a heap and the riding school never got off the ground so I've sold a few horses and am now starting on tack. I was planning on taking it to the local stock feeders and getting them to sell it on consignment for me so I took a few saddles in and was told to clean them first LOL. Funny how no one wants dusty dirty saddles??! Well I took it home and gave it a wash and oil and this majestic old lady came out to visit. The stirrup leather (vinyl rubbish) is a reference to what colour she was before I started, matched perfectly! Sad to say I don't think she had been cleaned for possibly close to 5/6 years, I bought second hand and knew how it was treated before buying. I have looked on Ebay at similar saddles and they are all priced well over what I was expecting to get for mine, so I thought I would ask around and see what sort of $$ you would pay for the old girl.
After giving her a good clean I don't know if Im so keen to sell but I guess it all depends on the almighty dollar. Any advice will be well received.

RedTree 11-10-2010 05:14 AM

I think it would go for $100-$150

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