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cobyiscute95 11-01-2010 02:43 PM

i can't seem to find out what kind of limitations the morgan horse has?
Limitations such as:
· Concerns
· Problems (include health problems, conformation, how they are trained, controversy about breed)
· Weaknesses
· Availability
· Expense
· Not suitable for (things they were NOT historically bred for…)
I would appreciate any comments!!

Katesrider011 11-01-2010 02:57 PM

I have a Morgan, she's been good for me, but I've never tried much yet with her. She's been rather healthy, just has bad allergies sometimes. And i got her for 600 bucks, but that was cause the owner was moving and wanted her sold asap, so I got lucky with her. They're bred for like draft horse like stuff I think, but I'm sure they can pull off some good jumps.

Scoutrider 11-01-2010 03:10 PM

The biggest problem health wise with Morgans is that they tend to be, as a breed, predisposed to insulin resistance and chronic laminitis. Many get chubby rather easily.

I hear some people complain that they can be on the hot side, but I've also handled some very laid back, almost lazy Morgans as well. Its an individual thing. There are also a couple of types within the Morgan breed. The newer type, I think, are the ones that tend to be a little hotter.

Discipline-wise, there isn't much that Morgans can't do fairly competitively. Hunters, Jumpers, Saddleseat, Dressage, WP, Reining, Barrel Racing, Driving - you name it, there's been a Morgan doing it, and probably pretty well. They're originally bred to be all-arounders. I do believe that there's some historical precedent for Morgans as preferred cavalry mounts.

Purchase expense is very individual - like any breed its going to depend on the individual's conformation, training, potential, and the geographical market conditions. Ongoing maintenance expenses are also very individual.

I personally like Morgans. I've owned a Morgan cross, and ridden several other Morgans, trained for a variety of disciplines, and never been disappointed.

SaddleUp158 11-01-2010 03:59 PM

There is no downside to the Morgan horse! You can find one to suit whatever discipline you are hoping to participate in. The only downside, well for some people, personally it is a plus to me is that they are typically easy keepers. They are a very smart and athletic horse. Some people may say hot, but really they are more of a go forward horse in that they are willing and eager to work...not hot and difficult to handle. They enjoy having a job, yet many are fine to throw out to pasture and bring back in after a few months and start working right away. They love interaction with their human. They are boiling with personality!

Katesrider011 11-01-2010 07:10 PM

Yeah Mine is a bit hot, but she's manageable and it's a fun challenge, but she wouldn't make a good child's horse.

Katesrider011 11-01-2010 07:11 PM

And to add I wouldn't give her up for anything!

cobyiscute95 11-01-2010 09:33 PM

Thanks everyone!! the reason i was asking is because i have to do this assignment for school, i have to find out things about 15 different breeds (the morgan is one of them) and i have to find a down side for each of the breeds as well as an up side.
Thanks again!!

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