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AndreaSLAMTraining 11-02-2010 10:03 PM

Joint Suppliments/Pain suppliments from founder for broodmare
I have a mare that had foundered 3-4 years in a row to the point of unsoundness but only affecting her rear feet a little. I bought her this last summer and put her on a diet and excersise regimen. She is doing terrific and we are able to ride. She is in amazing shape but still on limited pasture.
The problem is that she is tender on her front feet, some popping and limited range of motion in one of her hocks and her back seems uncomfortable.
I was hoping that I could find a suppliment that would relieve a bit of her pain and maybe that had some joint suppliments in there too. But I am breeding her at the begining of the year so I will need something safe for the foal.
Any suggestions?

loosie 11-03-2010 01:16 AM

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Depends exactly what you mean by founder(people have diff. defs) & how bad it got, but with good hoofcare & management, using boots or such when necessary should be enough to keep her comfortable. If the pain is because of thin soles, pain meds may address the symptoms, but without protection, her feet will still be likely to become further damaged on rough/hard ground. Re 'still on limited pasture', it depends, but if she was obese & on lush pasture, it will probably be an incurable insulin resistance(like human type 2 diabetes) that has caused the laminitis, so will need lifelong management. Unfortunately, regarding breeding, this condition can be passed on en utero to the foal, but I'm not sure if that's always the case, esp if she's currently on a good diet/exercise. Something you'll no doubt want to find out about & consider before breeding her tho.

Re her hock & back, have you had a good bodyworker to see her? I'd suggest this may be a good move to begin with. Could be her posture because of foundering that led to the probs. Horses diets are generally deficient & imbalanced in a lot tho, especially magnesium, which also has a bearing on founder(see for one source of info) and effects muscles. So ensuring a well balanced diet & also supping with fishoil or glucosamine or such which is anti-inflammatory & helps joints would probably be good. Been recently hearing about green lip mussel powder too, but know nothing about that.

luvs2ride1979 11-03-2010 07:44 AM

Call up SmartPak. They will know exactly which supplements are tested for broodmares and which are not. I believe plain MSM is fine as are supplements with glucosamine and vitamin c. Supplements that use Yucca and other herbal ingredients usually say something about not being tested for use in stallions and broodmares.

I agree with getting her looked at by a holistic vet or vet that does chiropractic work and accupuncture. Much of her discomfort may be able to be relieved by a few treatments. A second opinion by another farrier on her hoof angles might help too.

AndreaSLAMTraining 11-03-2010 11:37 AM

I personally am not sure how bad the founder got, nor can I get a vet to help me determine that. When I rescued her, the vet had treated her for the founder, but the man was feeding her 12% livestock blend and on green clover filled pasture. There was no bone rotation, she was very fat and absolutely no muscle out of shape. I have her feet getting trimmed and shaped and balanced every two weeks to insure that every new growth is getting the benifit of having a shaped and balanced hoof to grow on properly. Her soles are not tender any more, nor is she on hard ground.
She gets worked 3 times a day in a well padded indoor arena, gets 3hrs of non lush green pasture a day and her hay is local lower quality hay. I feed her omolene 200 and beet pulp. Honestly, she seems to be in great shape and her lameness is very subtle. She has come a LONG ways since I bought her.
The vet I talked to said that she should have no issues with passing anything along and would be just fine to breed. I might want to just run some blood work before breeding.
I have thought about the body worker, but have heard so much conflicting information. I did have a chiropractor take a quick look at her back and nothing is out. My gut tells me that it is arthritic pain. Even tho she is only 12, I think that with the founder and poor management her joints are not in very good shape as far as the HA and other joint lubes.
Thank you soooo much for your information. I think I might just have someone look at her and see what they suggest.

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