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Stepher 03-15-2008 06:03 PM

Updates on the boys!
Well, all the boys are coming a long great, Ive been able to get and work them a bit more, and the BO has been helping me and has been lunging them when she has time in the mornings (her mare is preggo so no riding anymore).
Crackie did great today, barely any fighting to get the bridle on (yay, progress!) and with only one 'stupid' moment (barn door closed, he thought it would be a good time to try out his spook reflex). I got him a running martingale for when he tries to throw his head up, theres something there to make him realize its not a good idea. He stopped a few times, then after a while realized it was a lot easier to work (yesssss). I got some nice trot work out of him, and he is even starting to look for contact!
Boomer is doing good too, same old Boomy just cruizing along. I put the running martingale on him just to see how he would react to new tack, and he didnt care. Also got some nice work out of him.
And Spy is almost better!! He is still in his stall most of the day, but gets out to stand in the snowbank and to run around a little (vet said about 5 min of turnout, still keeping his leg wrapped for support). The lump is gone, so now to get the vet out! She'll be out next week some time to see how he is doing, and hopefully I'll be able to start working him again.

Pictures will be up in the Pictures section!

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