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anthgrecian 11-04-2010 04:59 PM

bruno goes out to his new field tomorrow
he my 5 month old colt, real sweet natured thing bless him, i have a few concerns one of wich the two horses what is in there an 11yo gelding cob, and a chestnut pony (unsure on breed) who seems very scatty and unhandled cob just want advice on how to introduce them safely i have already introduced them over a fence, and maybe any tips for brining him back in on a night? i no u have to let nature be, but i dont want them bullying him if you like.

hrsrdr 11-05-2010 01:23 PM

Do you have somewhere you can turn them out so they are across the fence from eachother at first? We always isolate the new horse for a few weeks, letting them smell eachother occasionally, then put them in adjacent paddocks so they can socialize at will but still the fence is there, then we turn them out together but don't leave them unattended together for a few days. Then when they are totally used to eachother we let them be, but when we feed them in the pasture (when the weather is nice) we space the feed piles far apart and put an extra out to avoid squabbling over hay and make sure every horse gets some.

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