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wannahorse22 11-04-2010 05:19 PM

In your horse life- what is your favorite time of year?
What is your favorite time of year to spend with your horses??

GreyRay 11-04-2010 05:25 PM

Winter :). There is just something about the smell of wood burning and a fuzzy horse with oatmeal cookie breath! Riding in the snow... Running your fingers through the warm fuzziness that is a horse, and snuggling your face in their fur!
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wannahorse22 11-04-2010 05:35 PM

Whenever I think about having my own horse (which is pretty much all the time!), I think winter would be the most fun too! Yeah, it's probably more work but being in the barn while it's snowing, riding on christmas eve.....:D Gives me shivers of excitement!!

GreyRay 11-04-2010 05:37 PM

Its the most magical time of the year! :)
plus its always fun to put my siblings in the sled behind the horses and dump 'em mwahaha
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wannahorse22 11-04-2010 05:51 PM

My lil' brothers would LOVE that!!

EquestrianHollywood 11-04-2010 06:11 PM

My fav is spring/summer! I have a horse that enjoys getting hot in the cooler months, and lets just say being thrown around like a rag doll isn't my favorite winter activity! But if I had a bit of a cooler horse (and a warmer, non-michigan, state) I might say winter would be a fun season for riding!

Rosalle X 11-04-2010 06:15 PM

i like winter riding in the snow and riding out crimbo day ... but it makes my bones freeze up in the winter lol, id say spring/early summer i like riding in the evening whe its light still and the suns going down.
we have verry rainy seasons her though, i hate rain =(

ShutUpJoe 11-04-2010 06:20 PM

I love to ride in the winter. I love riding in the snow and something about horses always makes me warmer.

Jessabel 11-04-2010 06:44 PM

Any time when it's not cold. I dread winter. My horses are wired up like squirrels from November to April and I can't get a thing done with them. Plus I hate chipping out ice from the water buckets and doing chores when the wind chill is 20 below.

Walkamile 11-04-2010 06:52 PM

I'm with you Jessabel! Hauling water, breaking ice, freezing my a**, no thanks. As far as riding goes, I used to enjoy winter, but our winters have changed here the past several years. Too much ice not enough snow.

So, my favorite time of the year with my horses is probably late summer early fall. Not hot, little to no bugs and love the crunch of leaves under their hooves. Love the crisp air in the mornings, but it's not freezing.

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