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Calerux 11-05-2010 06:56 AM

Breathing Difficulty Please Help
Last winter my 18 year old welsh cob pony spent a considerable amount of time in a barn with 17 other horses due to the snow and personal injury. I noticed her breathing seemed different in the school, she coughed occasionally, became short of breath and gave off the impression that she was uncomfortable when being ridden. (Before this she was ridden 3/4 times a week so it wasn't due to unfitness). We called the vet out who concluded that she had a fast respiration rate and a very high white blood cell count. The dusty environment may have irritated her so I changed her bedding from straw to Bedmax, soaked the hay and fed from the floor. She was also put on antibiotics and Ventipullman. We moved to an outside stable and within 6 weeks she there was a dramatic improvement resulting in her being ridden without any sign of breathing difficulties. She then suffered a relapse and is no longer able to be ridden and within 7 months she has had 4 lots of antibiotics, endoscoped and scanned twice plus a sample taken from her trachea. Yet the infection has not been identified.She is currently on steroids for a month and then aloe vera. She looks healthy, very upbeat and has a good appetite. Has anyone else had similar problems and is there anything else I can do to make her more comfortable as we enter the next winter?

mbender 11-05-2010 07:14 AM

I might have. Is she stalled constantly? Outside stable? Not sure what that is. My filly that I used to have I kept her in the barn during the bad days of winter and she ended up with infection in her lungs. She was then blanketed and thrown outside with the other horses. Within, a week or so she was much better. Did the vet take any ultrasound or xrays of her lungs? What is the antibiotic she's on called? That's not good on how much antibiotics she has been on. Her lungs may need time to heal. She may have developed chronic lung issues?. ?? I hope you can find the answer but in the mean time just give her time and maybe just hand walk her and love on her for now. Do horses get a sort of Asthma?
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morganslittleleo 11-05-2010 10:31 AM

I would say unless theres a need for stall confinment unless the weathers dangerous to the horse to put a blanket on and put him outside that should help his breathing

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