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HorsesAreForever 03-15-2008 10:06 PM

OMGOSH really nervous!!!
Im going to meet with the owner of the new barn tomorrow!! And im soooooo nervous!! Idk what I should ask! Lol I know i shouldnt be this over whelmed about it i've met her before but that was 8 yrs ago!! and also I cant remember what she looks like so ill probably end up talking to the wrong person or something! lol wow! and I have no idea if im suppose to meet her outside or in the barn! lol It probably wont be as bad when i get there but what should i ask and stuff >.<!! after ward im going to go see lexi for a while to work her a bit in the round pen and just love her to death and maybe work on getting that saddle near her the right way so it should be a good way to end the day :P

free_sprtd 03-16-2008 03:54 AM

I was actually planning a post about this in the stable section. Ask things like:

*What kind of turn out, how much, ect
*What do they feed? How much, what times of the day (for surprise visits), is it extra costs if you need them to feed certain things.
*Is there Extra charge if you need them to blanket, or any other charges.
*What vet do they have on call
*their personal history/experience with horses
*Who will be handling your horse/ who cleans the stalls/how many times a day
*what are the stable hours
*Are there any rules?
*How often they change the water
*Tack locker/ tack room/ wash rack, ect
*If you need it, is there a place to park your trailer overnight, ect.
*How often do other horses come and go (for diseases, ect.).
*What is there requirements for shots/worming
*Do they have a scheduled farrier?
*Do they live on the property
*How many horses do they stall (I just like to know, it's not really important).
*I like to ask how they would deal with situations that arise like horse s not getting along in turnout, or If they've ever had any accidents.
*I like to get a feel for how the other boarders are, so even asking if the other boarders are pretty friendly, or if they stick to themselves is ok I think.

Hmmmm....I know I'm forgetting something....

You'll probably just pull up and look around the barn, because most of the time (every barn I've looked at), they're always in the barn :)

Good luck and have fun!!

HorsesAreForever 03-16-2008 04:21 AM

I will def. ask those a ton of those questions :) and ill probably be post another topic in journals so i can keep everyone updated on whats going on! I might put a topic on the general just to let people know :) thxs free_sprtd Lol great gotta go in the barn and look for someone I dont know what they look like lol! this is gonna be VERY interesting! Im hopeing its not gonna rain cause my grandma/mom [adopted] cannot walk very far distance [breathing issues] so if its not raining ill probably go grab her and ask if she can come to the car she seemed really nice on the phone so i hope she doesnt mind

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