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Snookeys 11-06-2010 02:55 AM

Considering breeding to this Friesian stud...
I've seen him in person as well as ridden him (and some of his babies) and overall he fits the typical Friesian bill: long legs, thick neck, no withers... he's HUGE, I honestly think over 16.1. Most of his offspring are Friesian/Arabs. I want to breed him to a 17 hand TB mare I am looking to buy... I don't really look at Friesians as impressive dressage / jumping horses, but Friesian Sport Horses (from what I've seen) do a pretty good job. Does anyone own any FSHs? Even better, does anyone own any FSHs that are TB/Friesian?

If I can't get this mare, I am also looking for a NSH mare or a ASB mare. I really want to get a TB though, so I can -hopefully- have a less "upright" foal.

Here is the stud:


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