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rosethorn 11-08-2010 12:13 AM

Vet recomendation for Northern Illinois
Here is the background info for you. When I got my horse I used his vet that his old owner used, but he was so far away that he charged us an arm and a leg to come out and suggested getting a new vet so we started using our barns vet. I used him for 5 years when we where at that barn but I never really liked him. He never gave them a check up, he just gave him the shot and moved on. And this spring was the last straw, I signed up for his usual spring teeth float and sheath cleaning and he didn't do it!!! I was livid! So we moved barns this summer and I know need a new vet. So anyone who knows a great vet/dentist that would be greatly appriciatef!!!!!
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