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LiveLaughLope 11-08-2010 04:42 PM

Your First Horse:)
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Share your stories/ pictures on your first horse, whether it be a surprise, planned, or 'grew-up-with' horse. Unfortunately I'm 13 and don't have my own yet:( But I'd love to hear all about your first horse!!

SorrelHorse 11-08-2010 05:21 PM

Well....My first realy horse was a HUGE arab mare named Angel. She was big, bay, and TALL. I have no pics unfortunately, but I had her when I was super little, like three or four. The only reason we sold her was because her gaits were so rough and not very practical for a small child to ride. Even my trainer who had been riding all her life had trouble staying seated. :/

RandomHorsey 11-08-2010 05:29 PM

I still own my new horse! WHSIPER!!!! lok at pics in my bARN

JackofDiamonds 11-08-2010 05:32 PM

Haha well i dont actually remember getting my first horse or why..? but i remember him being there. I was 2, His name was Otway Veiw Qantas. A tiny, Piebald, drop dead gourgeous 2yr green broken shetland. He was awful!! He had an attitude that you wouldnt believe! Qantas (like the airline company) - as we called him. Used to line up my little foot and all of a sudden BANG! with his hoof and all his weight drop down! He used to dump me all the time! And Bite my fingers. I used to try and go in the areana to ride, well woah... that didnt work! He used to park right in the middle of the areana for hours not going anywhere for anyone! My family always said i had learn to ride properly, So iive always had difficult horses.One day I :shock:decided watching the world cup showjumpers train was something i could do! So i hopped on my little shetty pushed over a 44 gallon drum and lined up 100mtrs back on my 10.1hh shetty with grass reins on..... and then went hell bent for leather gallop (shetty canter) up to it and was sent flying! I ended up shredding the side of my face (thankgod no scars). That was the day they decided i had out ridden my perfectly nasty pony, and was time to move on to something that had a bit more go and could possibly jump. He was horrid but god allmighty he taught me to ride and i love him for that...:D
Oh and about 5 years ago, 6 years after me learning to ride on Quantas i went back to see how the little fellow was going. He trotted right up to me and he bit me right in the middle of my shoulderblades and ran off! Now he is being a perfect pony to a little boy who does everything on him. I still love him in that special 1st pony way.:lol:

westerncowgurl 11-08-2010 08:48 PM

i just got my first horse in may. my trainer called me one day and asked if i would ride a horse she was thinking of buying (she was pregnant at the time) so i said yes. and he was beautiful! 4 year old black and white paint named timmy i talked about him the whole way home and how i really hoped she would buy him and my dad said well if she ever decides to sell him again we will buy him, then a few days later i went to the barn and there he was in a stall with my name on the owner sheet. i was so happy i cried :P

BarrelRacer86 11-08-2010 08:55 PM

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This is my second Pony, I didn't have my first pony very long. His name was Thunder (I named him). I was 4 years old when we bought him at an auction. He was 3 years old and greenbroke, about 13.2 hands tall. My mom finished breaking him and started him on barrels for me. I rode him for a long time, he was onrey and a jerk sometimes. He'd buck with me everytime I cantered him. He bucked me off once and I fractured my arm. But I placed alot with him, he was a great barrel and pole pony. I ran him in youth barrels alot and won the 3rd Division, that was agaisnt horses and kids alot older then me, up to 18 years old. He quaified me to go to NBHA World one year, I was only 7. He was a big stocky pony, maybe some type of draft pony. His feet were bigger than my mom's QH and he wore a horse sized halter. I sold him when I was eight and started ridng a big paint horse. He went on to be two boys who were my age Jr. Rodeo mount. Last I heard he was still running rodeos, owned by a teenage girl who loved him to death. This is a picture not long after I got him at a show in pee wee poles

kmdstar 11-08-2010 09:18 PM

My first horse was supposed to be a surprise for my 16th birthday, and not the horse I actually ended up with. The horse that was supposed to be my surprise was an amazing little Mustang gelding who was PERFECT except he was a little headshy and just shy in general. His name was Shy :wink: well long story short, the lady backed out. :-( So that is when my mom told me about her plans and then we tried out little miss Starlite!

Heres one of our first pictures together...she looks so short and stout in it! LOL

We actually tried her son first, but he was as hot as her + bucking and I was a green rider so that was definitely not going to do.

Starlite was actually way too hot/green for me but it all worked out fine only because of how tolerant she is. I learned ALOT from her and am still learning. She is my baby :hug:


after: note that she still has her hot moments, and her canter is our next 'task' to work on but she went from never stopping, jigging all the time to being able to be ridden bareback with nothing but a neck rope so to say I am proud would be an understatement.

Okay, I'll stop now! haha sorry for the picture overload :oops:

LiveLaughLope 11-08-2010 10:06 PM

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Love them all! Beautiful horses. Keep 'em coming:)

Saskia 11-09-2010 05:26 AM

I don't have any pics (it was before digital cameras). He was a palomino, somewhere between 14.3 and 15hh (depending on shoeing :P). I absolutely adored him, his name was Billi, and his registered name was Sir William. He had a star and one white sock. He was a "true" palomino, and he was absolutely golden in summer. People used to call him a "barbie horse". He was too much horse for me, I'd only ever ridden riding school horses that walked around and around the outside track, the first time I rode him in there we basically ran into the fence because I forgot that I had to turn.

I got him for my 11th birthday, but I got him a couple of weeks early. I did everything on him. Pony Club, a bit of jumping, dressage, mounted games, sporting, polocrosse, campdrafting, bareback, eventing. We weren't that good at most of it but it was so fun.

I ended up selling him because I wanted to pursue jumping and he had no aptitude for it, and over all I had "out grown" him. I sold him to a lovely young girl who needed a second pony for mounted games. Last I heard she still had.

Its strange, but my first horse will always hold a special place in my heart. If I saw him for sale, in his older years (he'd be well into his 20s now) I'd buy him back if I had the means, and just love him for the rest of his life.

Luvs2jump 11-10-2010 12:34 PM

The short version of a looong story
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I own my first horse right now. I didn't grow up around horses, I tell people I grew up the horseless horse lover, I didn't start taking lessons til I was 18 and had a full time job and my own car.
Back in 2004 I started taking lesson with an Eventing coach at a barn and had a school horse avaliable, when she decided to stick with her main barn, she was willing to keep me on, at first I rode one of her horses and one of her sale horses. At one point Barney was being trailered in for lessons and I didn't know it. One of her friends was looking at buying a horse and I saw Barney for a quick moment at a Novice Event. Few months later, he came to the barn and at first I was just using him for lessons, when I found out that on weekends his owner wouldn't be out, I started riding him. Eventually I was the only one doing anything with him.
I found out through the BO that his owner was looking to sell him, that day I tracker her down and asked her in person if that was true and she said that it was but she was trying to talk him out of it. At that point I found out that Barney and I bounded and that they couldn't sell my horse on me. A few weeks later the BO suggested a lease, I found out the terms and knew we couldn't do it. My husband went round and round on it because he had an issue with his age, Barney was 15 or 16 at that time. My husband crunched numbers and told me what we could do for lease terms, I called the trainer and told her, she called the owner and it worked out that night. A little over a year later, we hammered out a purchase price and the rest is history. I've owned him four years now and have been very lucky and fortunate to have Barney in my life.
This picture if from 2006 where I did my first event ever and our first show together. Out of 14 riders, we ended up placing 7th. I cherish that ribbon so much just because of the memories attached to it.

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