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mooney 11-12-2010 11:42 AM

What class if any?
Hey, I have been riding a while now (11 years) and got my horse two years ago. I thought maybe I might try showing her, but I am clueless in what classes. I ride her western pleasure (and now working on getting her english because she is terrible western horse) I guess, and on the trails. But my problem is what class would I try? I've help show draft horses in harness, but that is as far as my experience goes (bad experience with showing in line class when I was showing a gelding belgian and they put my next to a very mean stallion, at 12 years old it was scary). My mare is 11 years old, and only can be ridden at the walk and trot (ex trotter), and is still green. I am 18, so I don't know if that effects anything.

I know in 4-H I couldn't show in western becasue she had to be in a curb bit (she really hates them, another reason why she is going english). Thanks for any suggestion, as I am going to continue to work her, so got all winter to work on things. ?

PintoTess 11-14-2010 10:20 PM

if she is green, i wouldnt show her just yet. IT all depends on how high she is, her experiences and what breed she is. Assuming she is a trotter as you said ex trotter. She needs to be able to canter properly before she can really enter any class but the only one you dont canter in is a led class. is her confo good? why not try a lead class with her? are you ready to show yet? is your horse? by the sounds of it she is not quiet ready so keep working with her and it will all come toether soon :D

good luck and hope i have helped :D

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