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LadyDreamer 03-17-2008 11:39 PM

What a good day....
I am just so greatful for the timechange.

Today when I got home for work, I went on a search through the barns for one of my coats with several important items in it(like my phone bill). When I got up to the top barn, I just couldn't resist playing with my yearling Daniel. I love him so much. He is starting to shed out and I can *almost* see a semi-pretty horse under there. He's so sweet though, and looks like his is going to use his legs, hopefully his ugliness won't matter.

Then I went and played with Zoltan, my in-hand baby, and potential replacement for his sire(who is 28 this year). He is a tough little boy. He hasn't been handled much, leads, but is very unsure and gets defensive about some things. He is actually a bit aggressive at times.

Today though, when I went in with him, he was waiting for me with his ears up and he came right up for scratches, and only tried to bite me twice when I went to work with his legs. He knows now my "knock it off/don't even think about it" tone of voice. He is so smart. I like him very much. He gets better every day and tries so hard to know what I am doing.

Then, since I had a good deal of light left, I decided that I really wanted to ride. So I went out and caught my "recliner" Harry. I grew up on that boy, he is so comfortable it is like sitting on a recliner. I SOOO felt my faults of several months of not riding(I won't mention them but I REALLY need a serious practice horse. Hey, the sale is coming up, maybe I can twist mom's arm). But Harry was a doll as usual. I hope he is not as stiff as I will be in the morning. He seemed very happy to be ridden. Did all three gaits like a gentleman.

I PRAY you all have a horse like him some day. Took him 26 years to become this wonderful(I loved him forever. Blazes are my weakness), but really, he is the best horse ever. I did leadline with him. He kicked my butt when I moved up, but I still clung to him, and after many years we became a team. Plunk around at local shows. Trail rode for the 4H's free stuff. Trail rode for fun... Oh my dear Harold. What a good boy.

And what a good day! Hope all of you are doing well and reveling in the cool extended daylight.

Vidaloco 03-18-2008 07:39 AM

OOhh I love the longer days too! I think they should make it a holiday when they switch the time back and when the days start getting longer.

my2geldings 03-18-2008 07:22 PM

Its been great having more time at the end of the day. It means more time to spend with my equine buddies. It also means I can go visit them now when I finish work. Something I couldnt do before due to winter.

Isnt great!

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