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SugarPlumLove 11-14-2010 12:56 PM

Show Me Your Pretty Manes and Tails!
What do your horse's mane and tail look like?

How do you make it look pretty?

Do you have pics of a neat way to make your manes and tails look pretty?

Show Me!! :)

equiniphile 11-14-2010 03:02 PM

Love your avatar btw!

For Molly, before a show I band her mane so it stays to one side. I trim it to 4inches or so in length. At our first show together, I just left it down for her classes, but in the future I think I'll do hunter braids. Here's how I do her mane before a show to make it lay flat:

Everyday riding:

Her tail (just a french braid):

SugarPlumLove 11-14-2010 03:13 PM

haha thanks! she was grazing beside our house and I saw that she had a clover there. I quickly got my camera and took a few shots. Then I edited it on Photoshop.

I like your horse tail BTW!

Haley 11-16-2010 02:26 AM

My show mare's mane is never longer than about 3"... nothin' fabulous about it. LOL. Her *tail* on the other hand, holy cow. She grows tail hair like no other.
I would say 300 days of the year it's in a nylon tail bag, though (the waterproof kind, *sigh* mares...).

The pasture puff gelding is the one who gets to have the nice long mane. However, I have no pictures of it unbraided that aren't almost 2 years old. His tail is alright but nothing great. It's usually up in a bag, too.
His tail, taken May of 09'.
Mane, taken same day. It's a looot longer now, I really need to get new pics obviously!

And for good measure, the mares very shot mane. :P

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