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Hodgesaarh 11-14-2010 01:39 PM

New Shetland
Hi, just got a 6 month old shetland, straight from mum, not socialised.
I want to keep her in stable for first week and have short frequent sessions with her in there to get her to bond and get used to being stroked, handled, halter etc... then I want to spend a few days leading her out with another pony to get her used to walking on lead rein. However, at the stables I use, certain others feel I should just be putting her straight out in the field with the other ponies every morning and letting her see them at their routine of coming in every night. I have tried this twice and she is not easy to catch, nor will she walk forwards on a lead rope, I am worried she is going to go over backwards sometimes. Should I stick to my guns?

PintoTess 11-14-2010 08:50 PM

i would put her out, but only if the others dont attack her through dominance. She seems like a little tiny thing. The others can teach her some good things. she wont let you catch her? hmmmm, thats hard but just try this. Go into her paddock with a container of feed for her, just a little handfull. When she walks over to you give her a little bit to eat, dont pat her at all and just turn and walk out of the paddock and leave her. Try this a few times. Eventually she will know that when you go into the paddock your not just going to catch her.
hopefully this works for you :D

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