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myhorseriesen 11-14-2010 05:52 PM

can i "teach myself"
so i ride englesh and i have been taking lessons on my horse for the past 2 years. but the barn where i take lessons just shut down. i am looking for a place to take lessons but it is not going to well. so my question is can i keep furthering my horse education by myself and if so how. please help, thanks.

oh ya and i have learned all the basics, how to canter and a little on how to jump. if it helps. thanks:D

AnitaAnne 11-14-2010 06:32 PM

yes, you can learn some on your own, but it is better with an instructor. look up the regional association in your area, there should be a list of instructors somewhere nearby!

Jane Savoie has a really good website you can check, but it is expensive...there are others that have DVDs & videos to buy or rent. Also check tack stores nearby, instructors often leave cards with contact information. Also go to some local shows to ask & watch. The recognized shows will have a better quality teacher than the schooling shows!

kitten_Val 11-14-2010 08:45 PM

Well... It depends on your level and your horse and what you want to do. I wasn't able to progress at all until I found the instructor, who worked for me and my horse. So frankly I'd say no if you want to go to higher levels, I'd say yes if you don't consider the showing. Unfortunately with all readings I did it was still not enough for me to go much further on myself.

Saskia 11-14-2010 09:05 PM

How can you teach yourself something you don't know?

Yes, I think you can further your horse to the extent of your knowledge/experience, but not yourself.

There is a wealth of knowledge in books and dvds and you can learn a lot but learning theory and then putting it into practice is a different story.

If you were to read a book on ballet would you be able to do it? With step by step instructions you may be able to teach yourself a few moves, but to continue on you would need someone watching you and correcting you. It is the same with riding.

Even the best riders take lessons. You can get to a point where you don't really need lessons to get by, and if you're just riding around on a quiet horse that is fine, but if you want to get better, and your horse to get better then you are going to need some guidance.

Look at getting an instructor who can come out, even if its only once a month, and they can correct you and give you exercises to do and practice.

kitten_Val 11-14-2010 09:36 PM


Originally Posted by Saskia (Post 816315)
How can you teach yourself something you don't know?

I have to disagree to the extend. :wink: DVDs and books definitely help you learn something on your own (IMHO and in my experience). But it's usually just the simplest things, and not enough to really progress in training.

Citrus 11-14-2010 09:51 PM

I actually think you can teach yourself. You know how you learn best and you can read and practice what you read or watch.....

Kayty 11-15-2010 07:30 AM

To an extent you can, but I have found that many 'self taught' riders that have come to me for lessons have taught themselves a lot of bad habits too. Nothing beats having 'eyes on the ground'. Even the world number one dressage riders have instructors to help them.

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