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Strange 11-15-2010 12:34 PM

Shipping a Horse From CO-SC - Reasonable Prices?
Hey everyone, I'll be shipping my horse from Northern Colorado to Aiken, South Carolina at the end of December and I'm ready to book with a company to ship him, however I'm not really sure what a reasonable price is. I've shipped a horse from San Antonio, TX to my current location (a little over 1000 miles) and paid $1100 for it. He came off the trailer in awesome condition, so even though I feel it was a bit pricey, it was worth it.

I've gotten quotes from $1200-$1800 for this 1625 mile trip.
The $1800 booking would put him in a 4 ft x 8 ft "stall", free choice water and hay, loose. The $1200 would be also have free choice hay and water, but he would be tied up. The man I talked to who gave me a quote of $1800 came highly recommended and has been used by Boyd Martin and my new employer who transported 4 horses from California to Maryland a few years ago, included her advanced level eventer. I'm leaning towards the more expensive company because I feel like I have more of an idea of exactly how reputable they are, etc. The other company doesn't look bad at all either, but I don;t know anyone personally who has used them before.

I was just wondering what you all thought was reasonable for this length of trip, etc., and which you would choose?

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