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HollyBubbles 11-17-2010 07:05 PM

Mare going away to stud this weekend :D
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On my property I have a 14.3hh tb mare, Sarah who is not mine, but the owner is a good friend of mine and has decided to send her to get in foal.

However she will be living on my property through the duration of her pregnancy (providing the stallion is not much bigger than 15.2hh and the serving etc goes well). We have not decided whether she will foal here or not but have decided that if the pregnancy goes well, up till around 10 months, then she might foal here. We will put a foaling alarm on her and have her vet (who bred her to begin with) on call from then on just incase, but this will be the first pregnant mare I have dealt with. I know a little bit about pregnant mares, and foals etc but you can never learn enough right, so any tips on it all?
I know she needs lots of calcium and should have vacinations at (?) 5, 7 and 9 months I think? and then be wormed at around 10 months?
We will either give the calcium to her through Broodmare mix, or through weekly calcium shots. I just have to supervise her eating her broody mix because my other mare doesn't need it and I need to make sure sarah gets it.

This is Sarah now... and this is just after she had come through winter.
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