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kim_angel 03-19-2008 03:42 PM

Things not to say to your Farrier
I saw this on another horse forum and thought it was worth reposting here:

Things not to say to your farrier

* All it takes to be a farrier is a strong back and a weak mind!
* He wonít stand for me either, but your ad said you were a professional
* Can you come back? We are home now.
* Let me get my twitch before we get started.
* These shoes have been on for only 12 weeks, and they are getting loose.
* Sooo, when youíre finished, do I have to wait an hour before I can ride him/her?
* My horse hates men.
* Yep, I put that stuff on their feet right before you got here.
* Every time we turn him out he throws a shoe.
* That donít look that hard!
* Isnít it great to be outside all day?
* Let me call my neighbors and their 5 kids. They have never seen a horse shod before.
* It sure is HOT!
* I used to shoe, and I can tell right away if youíre doing a good job.
* Do those nails hurt him?
* Heís normally gentle as a kitten, but it is the first time I have had a halter on him.
* Honestly, I DO clean his feet
* I havenít ever picked up his feet, but he seems real gentle.
* Can you put these shoes on good and tight so that they wonít come off?
* My vet said for you to call him and he will tell you how to shoe my horse.
* He kicked the last farrier just like he kicked you.
* Heís never been that bad!! What did you do?
* The last guy I had wonít come any more. Can you come today?
* I left them out in the field because it was such a nice day.
* So, how much does your chiropractor run you a month?
* Sorry - thatís my cell phone. I wonít let it ring under this coltís nose again.
* He never does that for me.
* My horse doesnít kick. ...well he has never kicked before.
* Are you busy TODAY?
* Can you make his foot smaller?
* This is the first time he has EVER lost a shoe.
* Since heís a colt, will you charge me half price?
* I used to shoe my own horses, but I could never get the angles right. Do you think you could take a little more off that back foot?
* My horse is lame. You must have cut him too short.
* Let me help you clear out a place to work, Iíve been meaning to get out here and straighten up this old barn...
* Thatís not the way the farrier did it back where I come from.
* Can you save all the hoof trimmings for my dog?
* Boy, you must have a strong back to bend over all day like that.
* Heís just trying to swat the flies off you.
* Nice ass !
*Can you come over today...we have a horse show tomorrow?
*Note on the barn...."horses are out in the pasture, halters are in the tack room, call em & they will come right up for you they ALL STAND TIED OK.
* I forgot my checkbook, can I pay you NEXT TIME?

Vidaloco 03-19-2008 03:47 PM

Those are funny :lol: I couldn't ever be a farrier some of the stuff they have to put up with. I know mine probably hates to hear me ask...Do you want to start with the easy ones or the hard ones?

crackrider 03-20-2008 09:18 AM

LMAO!!!!! :D

my2geldings 03-20-2008 01:32 PM

some of those were quite funny.

"He doesn't normally do this with the other farrier"

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