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Tobyness 11-18-2010 12:34 PM

Saddleseat anyone? the next year, i will be breaking my two mares to ride. They are both pretty talented for the English Pleasure and/or Park Divisions for Morgans. I've never ridden saddleseat...only watched from the rail. Ive done the Hunters and Dressage and Western, but this is a whole new ball game from what my BF tells me.

Any tips on preparing myself for this? I am (eventually) going to pull my BFs Hun Seat mare out of the field and throw a cutback saddle on her to see what it feels like...but that wont be until she loses about 300lbs lol.

Also, id love to hear if anyone else shows Morgans in the saddle divisions! :)

SaddleUp158 11-24-2010 11:28 AM

Do you have a bitting rig? All the morgan saddleseat horses I have been around have been started first in a bitting rig (well, after the preliminary groundwork is established). If you work the horse in the bitting rig first, they learn how to frame up and work correctly before ever having to worry about the balance of the rider, not to mention if they are a the super hot type of ss horse, it is nice for the rider to have a horse greenie that already has a foundation on how it is suppose to go. Then, as the rider you can begin to fine tune the horse undersaddle.

I have a 3yr old Morgan that I show hunter pleasure. My good friends have english horses though and they have started all of them off in a bitting rig. Another friend has an english horse prospect that has not seen a bitting rig and she is having more problems with him. I know all horses are different, but hey if it helps it helps! Good luck with your girls! Do you have pics?

Tobyness 11-24-2010 05:21 PM

They are still learning the basics....basic lunging, in a circle, without leaping down the arena. That seems to be my one babies favorite new game. I plan on using the bitting rig next, basic side reins, then probably throw the dumb jockey on to help them set up...then move into long-lining, ya know. I've only had them...2 1/2 weeks? and they were just field muffins, easy to deal with field muffins luckily.

My BF has a Hunt Seat mare, out of a Beamington mare that i used to show, we are trying to breed her. He also has a now Western mare that we shows in the Pleasure Driving division this year, but she fizzled out quick fast and in a hurry, so threw a saddle on and shes working western pleasure now for next year.

Here are a couple pics of them:

Above the Stars (Mtn Run Above All x Tara's Venus) "Cuddles"
She is my Park prospect (hopefully)

Stylish My Maria (Mtn Run Above All x Mtn Run Cherokee Princess) "Maria"
She is my English Pleasure prospect

dude8799 11-29-2010 08:08 PM

i ride arabs saddleseat. i would say based on what an arab does watch how high they carry their head. if you go to grand nationals/world watch how much energy is going to their feet. do they pick their feet up high? how fast is their canter? it shouldnt be too fast, but make sure you can see that their feet are going up.

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