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TinaDandee 11-18-2010 08:17 PM

Boarders that...
Yes, I have been dealing with a boarder that won't come pick up their mare. The deal was this: She take my 2 yr old for 8 weeks to train and I ride her mare until she is done the training. She brought back my 2 yr old and she left her mare at my barn said she would make another trip in November.
I have had her for almost 5 months and she has payed no rent, no bills, no feed. I have contacted her to pick up her mare. The owner says I have to pay her gas money for her to pick up her own mare.
I don't have a trailer nor any more extra money to give her as I have payed over $500.00 dollars in almost 5 months. Due to an injury the mare recieved, feed, hay, worming and farrier work every 6 weeks as her hooves grow quickly. Can anyone tell me what to do or if I should just keep the horse?

dressagebelle 11-18-2010 09:50 PM

Was the deal done on paper, or only by verbal communication. I am not versed in equine law, but is there a way where you could legally send her a letter stating that she needs to come pick up the horse by a certain date, and that if she doesn't then you are going to retain ownership, as it would be considered abandonment, and then you'll sell the horse for the "back board" the lady owes you for leaving her horse there. I know that boarding facilities have their own insurance anyways, but that is what they do if an owner just leaves and doesn't pay board ect. I would make sure that you do something legally to inform the owner that she needs to come pick the mare up, and if she does not, that other actions are going to be taken, so that way, she can't come back in a year and say that you stole her horse or something. What I don't get though is why she didn't come pick up her mare when she dropped your baby off. I am sure that there are others on here who know a lot more about equine law then I do, and hopefully they can offer you some better advice, but thats just my two cents. Hopefully you can work it out quickly.

Saskia 11-18-2010 10:25 PM

I think its a matter of sending a registered letter (one she signs for) giving her 30 days to pick up her horse or she forfeits ownership. Perhaps add the money owed in there. Keep copies of all letters.

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