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nyg052003 11-19-2010 04:40 PM

Thinking of buying her, can I possibly get her thicker
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The horse is 5-6 yrs old, probably about 13 and somethign hands. She said the mother was part mustang . Pretty horse but it is sort of smallish but I'm thinking I can fatten it up over time. I know it won't get any taller, but how much can I put on weight wise and also can I put on alot of muscle to her? I want to add a good bit of muscle and definitely fatten her up very well.

Also, yeah the fencing is terrible. I plan to use rope wire and I am a neat freak so my place is going to look a million times better. She said she would take 500 for her, but I'm not sure she is worth that much. I might take 350 cash and tell her take it or leave it. Me being 5 ' 11 and 205, I'm not even sure I should get one that small, though I plan to make her thicker if I can even? I was thinking I need to go maybe 14-15 hands minimum.


faye 11-19-2010 04:43 PM

your weight is 205lb? if she is only 13hh then no she is not up to your weight and putting extra fat on her wont make ay difference. and at 5'11" you wilo need rollerskates to ride her!

smrobs 11-19-2010 04:47 PM

I am going to have to agree that she will be much too small for you if she is only in the 13 hand range. She seems to be pretty narrow so no matter how much fat or muscle you put on her, she will never be the type of horse that you need. For someone your size, you might look at horses that are around 15 hands and fairly wide chested, I think something like that would fit you much better than she would.

Plus, unless she is broke to ride, $500 is a lot more than I would pay for her.

nyg052003 11-19-2010 04:52 PM

ok, thanks. Pretty horse and would love to bring her back to life lol. I have a son who is 8 and he loves horses. He is a thick kid though so even he might outgrow her. Guess no need to take any chances

Poseidon 11-19-2010 08:31 PM

I'm 5'7" and I feel too tall for horses under 15h. That's just my opinion, but 5'11" + 13h range = you'll be walking while on horseback.

Citrus 11-19-2010 08:39 PM

I say if you like her and get along with her and there is a connection, don't let her size disway you.... connections don't come along that often.

Deerly 11-20-2010 01:30 AM

I think she may be too small :( Depends on what you want to do I guess but I wouldn't feel comfortable on a horse that small and I'm 5'6".

Snookeys 11-20-2010 03:39 AM

LOL walking on horseback. Like the Flinstones? :P

I think 13h is too small for you. That is not only a short pony, but a petite one. I am tall too so I understand the necessity for tall horses... I suggest something around 15.3 - 16h?

lilkitty90 11-20-2010 09:28 AM

i also agree that she may be too small. but seeing her condition "I" would get her anyway to fatten up and rehome. but thats just me.

MacabreMikolaj 11-20-2010 11:39 AM

5'11" isn't actually that bad for 13hh, you look a little silly but they can carry you fine - Shay-la had two 13hh ponies she broke in and she's around the 5'10"/5'11" mark. I also had to do some riding on them for her when she broke her leg, and I was around 170lbs then and 5'6"? Ponies are tougher critters, but as a "regular" riding horse, I wouldn't do it. If you're just looking to tune her up for someone smaller, she can probably handle it.

Pics of Shay-la on Max, a 13hh pony:

Me standing next to him (I'm 5'6")

And me riding Max:

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