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Beau Baby 11-20-2010 04:09 PM

The Master Plan
Well hf I have finally created a master plan as to my horsie future. Or at least part of it. Ever since I started showing and a couple years before that I've wanted a TB or WB that could take me to the top. Like Rolex or 3-4* events. I am currently riding a WB mare out of Gervantus II. Now she's a great horse and might even make it to the top but she's $10 000 and frankly I don't have that kind of money. Plus I have no real connection with her and you can't go from the bottom to the top without having a connection to the horse, right? So I formed a plan.

I'm gonna ride her all winter and all next show season for her owners. I'm gonna get her going at least Entry level and doing 3'-3'9" jumper courses. I'm gonna get her doing dressage manouvers like shoulder-in, turn on the hind and front. Maybe half-pass? My lease comes up for renewal in May so maybe I'll see if we ca make it so that I get some of the profit when they sell her since she'll be super freaking amazing!!!!! Then around August or September I will get myself a 3-4 year old, TB or cheap WB. The mare mentioned above will get sold through my amazing advertising skills and I will work all winter on a horse I own. I'll show this horse all summer and if I don't feel I can go far with him I'll sell him come September and do the whole thing over again.

Or the mares owners will just send me another of their 14 WB to train and show and then sell.

Good plan right?

Beau Baby 11-21-2010 10:24 AM

And Now I have somewhat of a job to finance some of this. A lady is paying me per ride to ride a couple of her horses. There's at least 3 of them, I think she has more.

Shimla101 11-21-2010 04:02 PM

Sounds like an awesome plan!
Just make sure you get ALL your riding contracts in writing! To be on the safe side ;)

Ray MacDonald 11-21-2010 04:14 PM

Lucky duck! I'm jealous!

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