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LadyTea 03-20-2008 11:16 AM

Cancer In Horses
Hi, I'm looking for people who have experience with there own horses who have or had cancer.

I have a coming 14 year old Morab gelding ( Moragn/Arab ) Around Christmas last year we discovered a tumour growing on his gentials area. At this time we cut it off, at which point it grew back fast. We were told the type of cancer is called " Squamous Cell Carcinoma ". A skin cancer that happens in humans, horses, cats and dogs... And if caught in time can be treated.

So, it was decided that my beloved Star ( the horse ) would have surgery to remove his penis ( penile amputation ) to try and remove the cancer. We did this Feb 26th. ( ) The surgery itself went good till upside down on the table he started to hemorrhage, and ended up lossing a lot of blood. That in it self cause major issues, with shelfing and swelling durning the post recovery. Insted of staying at the vets only 4 days, we endured 8 long days of ups and downs. They had to remove blood clots, wrap him up due to the swelling being overwelming.

Since we have had Star home we have had a up and downs, and what i'm really looking to find is people who have experienced this with there horses... I would like some insight... I can find lots of medical stuff but nothing from real people and there experience with there horses and their cancer.

If you have, or had, or know someone who's horses has had Squamous Cell Carcinoma please respond, as i would like to hear if there is anything else i can do now and in the future to help him recover and stay cancer free.

Edmonton, Canada

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