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QOS 11-21-2010 09:00 PM

Riding North Trail at IAH and Cypress Creek in Humble, Texas
Woo Hoo!!! What a weekend. We hauled to Humble, Texas early Saturday morning to the South Trailhead at the Bush International Airport to ride with the Airport Rangers. We rode all over the woods, ride away areas and levees. It was terrific. We had a catered Boston Market meal and then rode out again over different trails. There were probably at least 50 riders there but we weren't all riding in the same group. We have rode the North Trail but it is not near as fun as the north trail!

We boarded the horses at a local place that couldn't have been nicer and the people were terrific. Our horses were treated like champions!

My husband rode in the arena this morning chasing cows and got to ride a top notch cutting horse that was just gorgeous with a huge butt! We left there and hauled to Cypress Creek where Darolyn Butler trains her endurance horses. OMG that was a fabulous ride though the woods beside the creek that dropped off in some places in a super steep slope. Twisting, turning, deep cut trails in some places, flat ride aways in others.

It cost us $10 per trailer to pull into Darolyn's place but it was worth it! It is always good to have a bathroom and we were able to wash the horses off afterwards as they were some kind of filthy!

We are going back next month and I can't wait!!

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