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poultrygirl 11-21-2010 09:47 PM

The neighbors...and MY CAT
In early september of 2008, my aunt noticed a stray mother cat and a litter of three kittens in a knocked over pole in front of Chase bank. The pole was a short distance from a very busy road, and it wasnt long before mama cat and two of the kitties dissapeared. Not wanting the last kitten to get hit, we strategized and caught the last kitty with a have a hart trap and some canned food. He was all white with giant blue eyes, five weeks old..and already ridiculously fierce. No one else wanted to deal with him because he was so wild, so from that day forth he became my cat. I dubbed him Chase, for his bank namesake. He was a great late 17th birthday present :lol: I spent alot of time domesticating him, and he's become very affectionate. He's an outdoor cat, like our other four cats, but he spends a great deal of his time perched in front of the fridge, begging. He HATES to be held. He has to sink a claw into your clothes. It's nothing personal--it's just his way. I still find him endearing, and love that cat. He's also the prettiest cat I've ever seen. I must have 200 pics of him at all stages of his life. He's learned how to sit on command, too. He's very charming.
I've taken him in for his shots, and payed for his neuter. He means alot to me. I hated cats before this, but he's special. But he doesn't get on great with the other cats..our other males fight with him and he never gets to share their space or food bowl. I feel sorry for him because of this, and he hence he's underfoot a great deal. :lol:
We've had him for two years, but about two months ago he disappeared. I thought he was dead and was quite upset..Til he reappered a month later, a normal weight, for a couple days til he left again. And reappared days later. THis has been ongoing. I KNOW he's being going to a neighbors. So I put a collar on him, and went out and got a special tag made and bolted onto the collar with his name and my phone number. He disappeared again. And came back, with the collar.
He just reappared again tonight..Without the collar. I'm upset. He's hardly around anymore. We live in a remote area with very few neighbors, and I'm afraid he;s gonna get nailed by a coyote in route to where he sneaks off to. A new couple, down on their luck, just moved into the cabin up the road. They arrived about the same time his disappearing act started. They have a little kid. I'm almost certain that's where he's going.
I'm really upset. I get the feeling that when they move in a couple months, and are back on their feet, my cat will be going to. I can't keep him indoors all the time, because it makes him unhappy and my brother is allergic. AND WHO WOULD KEEP A CAT THAT HAS A COLLAR ON IT? HOW WRONG IS THAT?
Any ideas or advice? I'm also afraid if I push the issue and put a note on him like a carrier pidgeon, he may not come back at all. :cry:

Amarea 11-21-2010 09:52 PM

Get him a microchip. Sad thing is that without a chip, they can take him to their vet, claim that he was a stray and have him chipped in their name. It's not that expensive. I'd suggest doing it ASAP.

VelvetsAB 11-21-2010 09:57 PM

We had a female cat who would go out on several day hunts, but always come back. Our neighbours cats would come across the road and eat the cat food in our barn.

How do you KNOW he is going to the neighbours? Have you seen him in their house? If he is going over there, it is doubtful that they are letting him stay in the house. Its possible they have cat food out, and in his wanderings, he goes there to eat it. They arent keeping him, that is where he chooses to go.

The only way to keep him from wandering off anywhere is to have him as a house cat, which you have already said makes him miserable, and can not be done since your brother has allergies.

GreyRay 11-21-2010 09:58 PM

Whoa! Weird thought: Roping a cat and fire branding it... I need sleep...
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poultrygirl 11-21-2010 10:07 PM

Velvet...He's gone for WEEKS up to a month at a time, and this didnt start until these new neighbors moved in. He's not off hunting..He's off mooching and lounging around the house.
GREYRAY: you have no clue how hard I just laughed.

VelvetsAB 11-21-2010 10:20 PM

The neighbours probably saw him as a stray cat and started putting food out for him, or food out for other stray cats they saw. You only collared him after he was gone missing a few times, correct? You said he was only gone for a few months the one time, but now he leaves for a few days at a time. He is a cat, and was a stray when you got him. He will never be completely domesticated.

Again, do you have proof that he goes to the neighbours? Better yet, have you gone to their house and asked them if they have seen him when he has disappeared? He could still be out hunting....especially if you do live in a remote area. There wont be "territory" issues, so he is just going around and checking his out.

Alwaysbehind 11-22-2010 06:33 AM

If you have not seen him in the neighbors house I would not assume they are doing anything wrong.

He is a semi-feral cat. He is doing what semi feral cats do.

I have three of them. One of the females (spayed) disappeared for an entire summer. Randomly one day she was sitting in the barn waiting for me to fill the food bowl when fall started. I am not talking weeks, I am talking months.

The other two randomly vanish for days or a week here or there.

Cats are well known for getting collars off. Which is a good thing for their safety.

Why not make friends with the neighbors instead of assuming the worst about them?

mbender 11-22-2010 06:45 AM

I have to tell you, having an outside animal has many drawbacks. Mainly, they sometimes don't stay around. Or they get killed. I rescued two baby black kittens from the parking lot where I work. Someone just dumped them there. I took them in and now they live at the barn. They are about 8mnths old and I love them to pieces but I try not to get to attached as I know things can happen. Found a ripped up rabbit in the pasture not to far away from the barn. Guaranteed its a coyote. But there's not much I can do. Just hope they stay back by the barn and out of danger. As for the neighbors, again, he is loose and if someone claims him, you have no control. You should actually be happy they are nice to him and not shooting at him. You know?
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TaMMa89 11-22-2010 11:45 AM

I'd say go and talk with the neighbors. Don't go accusative but ask them if they've seen your cat since he seems to disappear every now and then.

Indyhorse 11-22-2010 12:46 PM

I had a similar experience with my cat, Toby. I bottle raised him after his feral mother was hit on the road. He has always been an indoor cat, but when he was about 6 months old, he shot out the door on Christmas eve. I was heartbroken, there was a lot of snow and I didn't think he would last long. I posted photos and lost posters all over our road, and at all the local vets, humane societies, etc. Never heard from him.

A full 6 months later, I got home from work one afternoon, and he was sitting on my doorstep. He was wearing a collar, with the name "Rusty" on it, with my neighbor's address. I had personally taken over a flyer, knocked on the door, handed it to them and offered a reward to these people. They knew that they had my cat, they had to have. I took off his collar, threw it in their yard, took him straight to the vet and had him tattooed and microchipped (as well as neutered - he hadn't been done yet when he was lost, and these people that had had him had not had it done either. He was also crawling with fleas. Ugh.) I probably should have gone over and talked to the neighbors, but I was so upset I couldn't bring myself to do it. I made sure Toby never got outside again, I moved a month later. Toby is 8 years old now and still the best cat ever, no one that has ever met him doesn't adore him. But I am very, very careful and make sure he never sets foot out doors.

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