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lilmamabergie 11-22-2010 10:26 AM

Buying help
I have found two minis I am seriously considering buying. Im in norway and they will be imported from the USA. What questions should I be asking the breeder?
Filly born 04/29/09 and a colt born 06/28/09

aandbminis 11-23-2010 10:24 AM

I know that overseas you measure them at the wither but here we measure at the last mane hair so make sure you know what the height is at the wither and what the projected height of the horse will be at the wither. You might want to hire a vet in the area and not maybe not one that the owner recommends to check the horse out(maybe look at area vets online as you don't want a horse with stifle issues etc,). Get pictures of the horse from all sides and not professional pictures, and have someone you know that knows horse conformation well look at them(always good to have lots of opinions I think). Also videos of the horse walking and trotting etc would be great. Also know about transport costs etc. I'm sure there is more but I know shipping overseas costs a good deal of money so I know it seems like a lot but I would do at least all of that before I bought because you can’t see the horse in person. Also bloodlines for me important because to me it gives you a idea what the horse might produce in the future. Pictures of the sire and dam and what they have produced would also be a good thing. Good Luck. I'm sure they are nice

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