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Rachel1786 11-23-2010 10:13 PM

Fibre-beet, anyone ever try it?
Beet Pulp Fast Setting Alfalfa | 95% Sugar Free | Natural healthy
Had anyone ever used this to help put weight on their horse? My aunt is going to pick me up a bag tomorrow(hopefully) since the nearest tack shop that carries it is about 20mins from her house, and an hour and a half from me, so since she is coming up for thanksgiving i'd figure i'd ask her...anyway, i got samples of this and some of their other stuff from the horse expo on saturday and i gave it to my horse today and he seemed to really like it, and being he is missing all but 4 of his bottom molars i figured it might be good to keep the lbs on him over the winter, and maybe even give a little to my OTTB(she's ribby but i'm worried it will make her too hot).
So can anyone give me any feedback on this product? I like the speedi-beet also, but i figured with alpha would be better for the added calories.

SaddlebredGrl 11-24-2010 09:20 PM

hmm... i might have to try it, because my boy is losing weight like crazy since he can't have his senior until his mouth heals. I'll need to bust butt trying to find something to put it back on him. If you try it and like it let me know, i'm going to have to hunt for a dealer around me.

simons161 11-26-2010 09:24 AM

beet pulp
HeyI use shredded beet pulp mixed with alfafa cubes... I soak both together and add 12% pellet complete feed. It really works good! I have OTTB's who love it... it does not make them hot.. and really helps put the weight on them..

SaddlebredGrl 11-27-2010 12:01 AM

My horse choke's big time, and at night i give him 1/2 a scoop of senior and 1/4 scoop of beet pulp pellets and soak them till they are soup, but with all the water it is 1/2 a bucket of food. The barn owner would have a cow if they had to feed him that, which he really needs three times a day. I'm thinking of buying a blender and chopping up the senior real fine and having them give that to him in the morning with his 1/4 scoop of soaked beet pult. I dunno though i already got a phone call about the 1/4 scoop. He is a high energy horse that gets worked daily and is skinny and old. He needs more than what he is getting so i was looking for something they could feed him in the morning he wouldn't choke on.

cosmomomo 11-27-2010 12:40 AM

they are complaining about feeding him that? that isnt hardly a hassle at all! if you provide the feed, which it sounds like you do, then they shouldnt have a problem feeding it. i would have a sit-down with them if i were you.

WOW i thought MY feed was expensive. i havent had any experience with alfalfa anything, but i wonder if you could pretty much make that might be time consuming, but you can get shredded beet pulp, or pelleted and alfalfa cubes and do what you said, soak it and blender it :) sounds like a good idea to me! and throw in some of your own biotin suppliment, since it says it has that in it. i would also suggest an electrolyte so he gets enough minerals, and it makes them drink more, plus it might make his food a little more tasty.

also, i have been feeding my hard keeper TB Pennfield Fibergized with Omega. i think its pretty similar, but idk if it would be easier to eat. i dont know the exact sugar content, but it smells very sweet, but doesnt make him hot in the slightest. i soak my horses food because of choke too, plus he gets beet pulp...he gets A LOT of food lol. but i feed it myself so..the BO doesnt have to worry about it. (im one of those types who likes to be the only one taking care of my its not inconvienient for me)

anyways, to the OP, why not try looking up all of the ingredients and trying to make it yourself? i think i would at least give it a shot, $40 just seems like a lot of money for a not even 50lb bag of you said it was kind of out of the way to get. but to each his own :)

SaddlebredGrl 11-27-2010 01:09 AM

i might have to do the blender idea and that way i can add his supplements to it twice a day. I would prefer him to get his supplements split up instead of at one time.

My barn owners don't care about anything. They don't like me at all, and i'm in the process of looking for a house since most of the boarding places i've been hearing horrible reviews on them.

My boy eats a crap load!! He gets like 8 flakes of hay, 1 flake of alfalfa at night, 2 now since he got a tooth out and can't have grain. Since he chokes i had the barn give him 1/4 a scoop of senior twice a day, and his 1/4 scoop beet pulp in morning. He also get 3/4 a scoop of electrolytes twice a day because without it he won't drink any water at all. Which is why i like making him soup cause than i know he is getting a lot of water with that. My barn only allows 1/2 a scoop of senior unless you want to pay $30 extra a month, so i just buy my own bag of senior and feed on top of theirs. I'm putting him back on rice bran since he has lost a lot of weight since not getting his senior. I think i'm going to give him what the bag says at first till he picks the weight back up, than cut him back a smidge.

simons161 11-27-2010 08:17 AM

lucky for me, I am the BO.... I have 1 boarder, and he gets extra stuff..I dont mind a bit doing a little extra, he's a senior and needs the soaked feed...Then I have 3 OTTB's who need extra groceries.. the newer 2 are rehabs in training. I usually have 2 at a time going thru our rehab program, they'll be ready for the local shows and perm homes this spring.. then I'll get a couple more to start over with.. They are always too thin and too pumped up, so they get the beet pulp ($12) & hay cubes ($ 20 for 2 50lb bags) 12% complete pellets ($30 for 4 bags) and for 5 horses (3 hard keepers, 2 fatties) it lasts around 5 weeks. they are also on a round bales 24/7 plus supper is the grain mix and 2 flakes for the fatties and 3-4 flakes for the skinnies..

Rachel1786 12-08-2010 12:15 PM

So the tack shop i was going to get it from no longer carries it and i can't find anywhere less then 2 hours away that carries it, and shipping alone costs $30 so that is out, if they can get 600 fans on their facebook page by February they will offer free shipping, but that doesn't do me any good right now lol, for now i just got alfalfa pellets, i really like their speedi-beet also because it's completely soaked in 5 mins with hot water or 10 with cold

faye 12-08-2010 02:03 PM

In the UK we have a very similar product called alpha beet, It soaks in 15 mins in hot water.

I feed it in enormous quantities to my old lads and to my baby as it is non heating and puts condition on them.

i use it as a hay replacement for my old lad who has no teeth.
Brilliant stuff! has turned a skeletal little 30 yearold into a fat sassy 30yearold.

Kymbadina 12-09-2010 01:59 AM

I've been giving my ottb who was a little skinny, beet pulp and alfalfa pellets and it's made a HUGE difference. I don't soak my shreds however because beet pulp shreds can act as a hay replace when mixed with alfalfa pellets(among other things) and its a myth that it causes horses to choke/colic unless they have other issues that prevent them from chewing...then I could see the choking.
But the size of the shreds actually makes it a long stemmed forage which stimulates gut. So it's a win win. Plus it doesn't make for a hot horse. I also add vegetable oil to help gain weight and cut down on alfalfa pellet dust..which is horrid..
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