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poultrygirl 11-24-2010 03:23 PM

How do you know what to choose?
If anyone's been reading my threads, I'm looking to get a horse again after not riding in awhile. I'm a full time student, but I live at home...and so it makes getting a horse again feasible. If by some freak chance a few thousand dollar bills fall out of the sky and I have the resources to go out of state to school in a year or two (which chances are 99 to 1 I won't), then the horse would stay here for a time, and be passed on to my little sister.
I want an Arab. Please don't tell they're hotheaded more often than not, and full of themselves--I already know, but I want one.
I've been on the hunt for..well...months now. Got really close to buying one til she wigged out and we figured out why she'd been for sale for so long.
Was going to a horse auction on vacation this weekend, but my trip got cancelled.
I've been in contact with two young ladies who are selling their arabs on craigslist/other horse websites.
Horse #1: Raised here, in the north country, her whole life, owned by one family from weanling on. Ridden mainly western but english as well. Bask bred line. Seven years old. Bay with flashy white. When everything flooded up here this summer, she was moved down to southern part of the state, to live with the relative (the girl I'm in contact with--she's also the coach of the equestrian team at a state university. So I ASSUME she knows this horse well.) Mare has been shown, but gait not quite what it should be for western pleasure.
Horse #2: Owned by a college student who can't afford the price of board anymore (THIS makes me feel so guilty and spoiled.). Also bask (and Khemo) bred. Six year old, professionally trained western and hunter (?) and started in jumping. Needs her gone by next week.
Both are supposedly beginner suitable (I'm not a complete novice anymore, but I dont think im much of an intermediate either due ot my long hiatus from riding). I plan on going to look at both this weekend.
I'm just really confused. Like, really, really confused. We also have a mustang we;ve had since she was 2, she's five now, and she's five hours away being trained. The guy is the former owner of Ratface, my sister's paint who I ride, and Ratface is okay trained, and a willing boy, but I know when REBA, the mustang comes home, she'll have had 90 days of training, she'll neck rein and ride western..but that will be it 9and even at the 90 day stage...she;ll still be a bit green, right?)
I'm really confused because I WANT an arab, but I'm questioning if I should add another mouth to the feed bill, or if I should just ride reba. I'm still new, but I would like to try showing one day, and I know reba will never be able to compete in a breed show. I also would like to possibly try english some day, and get some lessons, and reba wont be able to do that. She's a hardheaded smart little thing, and there's something very sneaky about her I wont turn my back on (she's the vampire--long story), and I know I'm the reason she's in our family, but I want an Arabian, and I feel like a traitor. LOL.
I know this is all rather long, but how do you know what to choose? :? FOR THE SPRING I've stacked my classes on two days a week (17 credits, going 8 am to 8:30 pm at night on tuesday thursday.), so I will have several days a week open to ride extensively and put miles on whatever horse I choose. And maybe start taking lessons agian too if I can find a place that works.

Saskia 11-24-2010 04:13 PM

Here Arabians are primarily used for Endurance or pleasure riding. I'm not trying to make generalities, but you don't see that many at shows, unless they are specific Arabian shows, and you don't see many doing dressage. Don't get my wrong, I like them perfectly fine and some of them turn out as really good allrounders, but I do hear of people have collection issues (they don't have the best build for collection?), and there seem to be a fair amount of general dislike for them around which could effect your competition chances.

It seems like you want to try a whole lot of different things, where maybe having an Arab will limit you a bit. Have you considered an Anglo Arab? Some of them are still rather lovely and spirited but they do have that added athleticism for other disciplines.

If you definitely want to show, and are willing to commit the time and money into doing this, then get your own horse, but if its just a vague, distant idea then maybe consider riding the ones you already have.

CinderEve 11-24-2010 08:14 PM

A girl I used to show a lot with rode two Arabians. We went to dressage shows and eventing together. Of course it was lower level but her horses were gorgeous in the ring. We went on hunts together too, her Arabs and my Thoroughbred lol. Quite a pair!

If you want an Arab then I don't see a reason to discourage you from it. I know in my area there are a few breed shows, more a little further away but it's up to what you want to do. I think Arabs make good all-rounders.

JennKzoo 11-24-2010 09:34 PM

Arabs can go any style you want them to go, they are very versatile horses. Personally I love Arabs and one of my friends rides her on trails english but the horse can do it all.
Your situation kind of confuses me, because I read somewhere else that your dad flew your sister all over to look for a horse but not you and that you feel kind of left out (Sorry if I got this wrong). Is adding another horse going to add conflict or hard feelings? and maybe you should think of waiting until school is out of the way and ride what is at home now. You really should be focusing on school first, your career second then a horse. I'm sorry to say that, but I really think that it is better to focus on what will benefit you later and give you a heads up in the world when you are on your own. Adding a horse will really tie you down and when you do go out on your own it is very tough right now to even support oneself.
JMHO, but I can also relate to really wanting another horse and how great they are and how much it can take over your thoughts.

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