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equiniphile 11-25-2010 03:24 AM

Thinking of getting a GOOD bridle
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I think I'm going to ask for a nice English bridle for Christmas, as mine is a cheap $30 one and I'd like to have a nice one. I'm going to be doing eventing, and dressage and hunter classes at fair and would like something that's versatile between these disciplines as well as versatile in size between my gelding with a cob-size head and my Thoroughbreds and my Percheron. I would also like something that's going to match both of my saddles okay, I have a synthetic black dressage saddle and a Collegiate that's the color of the saddle in the picture (dark brown). Would you go with dark brown or black then? I rarely ride dressage except for eventing, and couldn't I use my cheap black one for that if the dark brown really doesn't look good?

I guess I'm confused as to what brand to get, what size, what color, and what style. Do I get a hunter bridle or a dressage bridle with a flash?

Edit to add: As for price range, it will use up all of my Christmas money and I'd like something that will last until I ride in college and years after and still look great. I don't want to go uneccesarily high, but I'd like top-of-the-line as I won't be buying another bridle for years to come. My price range is probably around $300, maybe more if I have my dad go in on it (divorced). I'd also like to have enough left over to buy one of MIEventer's lovely browbands!!

WickedNag 11-25-2010 08:08 AM

I have a hard time thinking you can find a bridle with that much adjustment. Now this is coming from someone who will put the same bit in the 20 headstalls we own so all we have to do is grab the headstall, snap on the reins we want and go. Fortunately my daughter is the only one who rides English and only one horse and one discipline.

faye 11-25-2010 09:23 AM

I love Jeffries bridles. They come in either whole bridle form or in parts of bridles. They are top quality english leather and will last a life time.

Stans Jeffries was bought for him when he was 3, he died aged 20 and the bridle is now on Reeco. that is 18 years and it is still in show condition.

I personaly will always go for dark brown (havanna) plain hunter cavesson. You can get flash adaptors to put on cavesson nosebands. Havanna tack also looks more expensive (I hate the shiney bling effect on ponies).

A Jeffries bridle will set you back nearly £220 ($350 approx) for a double bridle if you include reins.

equiniphile 11-25-2010 12:55 PM

If I can't get that much adjustment I'd just like something that will fit a 14.3 Paso and a 16.2 TB. I'm just confused as to what kind to I want a hunter or dressage bridle?

equiniphile 11-25-2010 01:18 PM

What do you guys think of this one? I've heard the Vespucci's are good quality but it's a bit outside my price range....

Vespucci Fancy Raised Hunter Bridle

I also like this one....also outside my original price range...

faye 11-25-2010 01:19 PM

If you got a Jeffries with a full size head peice and cob sized cheek pieces it will fit the 16.2 and the 14.3hh.
Mine Fit a 14hh connemara, a 15.2hh warmblood and a 16.2hh TB.

equiniphile 11-25-2010 01:45 PM

Okay I looked into Jeffries and I think that's the way I'm going to go, however I'm torn between a few styles....

E Jeffries Sons Ltd IR Headstall and Flash Noseband - IR Bridlework
E Jeffries Sons Ltd Premier Headstall with Show Noseband - Bridles
E Jeffries Sons Ltd Headstall οΎ½" with Soft Padded High Raised Browband and Traditional Cavesson - Bridles
E Jeffries Sons Ltd Headstall ½" with Soft Padded High Raised Fancy Stitched Browband and Traditional Cavesson - Bridles

Which is the best quality, and do I want a flash?

faye 11-25-2010 02:02 PM

Unless you use a flas regularly then I wouldnt bother. If you don't use a flas then the loop looks ugly.
YOu can get a kit which converts a cavesson noseband into a flash and can be removed just as easily with no damage to the bridle

Out of all of those I personaly would go for this one:
E Jeffries Sons Ltd Premier Headstall with Show Noseband - Bridles

However If I were buying for myself I'd be looking at one of these:
E Jeffries Sons Ltd Hunt style Weymouth Bridle with Plain Cavesson - Bridles

A nice flat cavesson in the correct width can realy change the apperance of a horses head. It can turn a plain head into a very attractive head. The Art of "Dressing the head" seems to be dieing out now though.

equiniphile 11-25-2010 02:08 PM

Okay I have it narrowed to a few!

Vespucci Fancy Raised Hunter Bridle
E Jeffries Sons Ltd Premier Headstall with Show Noseband - Bridles,7575.html,7582.html

Which do I go with?

equiniphile 11-25-2010 02:12 PM

I just don't know what's traditional for showing, the traditional thin noseband or the thick one. So confused! I also like this one,7834.html

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