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Pekoe 11-26-2010 09:17 PM

Mostly flat critique, please =)
Hey everyone,

I've got a few pictures from the last couple months and I thought I'd post them for critique. We've found it's been too expensive for me to ride twice a week, so I've gone back to one and I'm not improving as much anymore. I think that getting some more help from you guys online would help me get more out of the one hour I get to ride a week. Lately we've been having snow, too, which has been limiting riding time further =(

So yes, here we go!
no hands, jumping.
legs slipped back.
could work on facial expression.
flat, head cut off.
another embarrassing jumping photo. I realize I have a LOT to improve on here, but my coach is really wonderful!
Appear to be under the pace. No stirrups, sitting trot.

thank you!

GCSM16 11-26-2010 09:27 PM

oh how I wish I had a long elegant leg lol. For the 2nd jumping picture, you aren't quite at the point of the jump yet, but it looks like your hands aren't going to be up the neck far enough (aka your elbows will be sticking out). I love the 1st jumping picture, good work, even if your leg slipped back a teensy winsy bit, it's better than some people who are using stirrups lol.

in the picture without your stirrups (flat), pick up hands up a not higher just don't have them pointing down....uhh I'm apparently having trouble saying what I mean lol.

tinyliny 11-26-2010 11:18 PM

Dear, you ride very well, and if your parents could afford it, it would behove them to help you develop as a rider because I think you have some talent.
I did notice the one jump, as the other said, that you were a tiny bit ahead of your horse.
In the last photo, I see that your back is rolled a bit too far forward (becasue you are very long of body even that smallest over roll looks huge. I am so short of body that my ribs are like right on top of my pelvis. No room to roll anywhere!)
And lastly, keep your elbows close to your core.
All minor things and stuff that everyone has to keep working on for just about forever. Good luck and hopefully you can ride more in the spring.

cosmomomo 11-27-2010 01:13 AM

im sorry to hear you can only ride once a week, i sure hope that changes for you!

in the first jumping picture, your upper body is in a great place. yes, your leg has swung back a few inches, but its not bad. your heel is good, and i think you would benefit taking your foot out of the stirrups just a smidge more, it should be on the ball of your foot.

in the second picture you are only using one hand..not sure what happened there lol, and you are slightly too vertical with your upper body, unless this is a sitting trot. the "classical" position would be to have the same angle in your back as your calf angle.

in the third picture, your leg is right where it needs to be, relax your shoulders back some, and i like that you are looking up and that you dont lay on your horses neck. you should take up the slack in your reins, to have a soft contact with the mouth and your hands should be up underneath your face, at least. think of having your hands half way up the neck, and dont be afraid to grab some mane! it wont hurt your horse :)

in the fourth picture, your upper body angle is correct and your hands are in a pretty good spot with your thumbs up :) however, you want to ride without stirrups as though you still had them, so flex that ankle and get your heel down and legs wrapped around his/her? barrel.

in the fifth pic, the only thing i notice is that your hands are a little too low and your hands are a little flat. you want to ride as though you are holding two ice cream cones, and you dont want to ice cream to fall off! lol!

in the last picture it looks like you are trying to pick the pace up a little. once again, lift your hands up about 3 inches above and over the withers, its okay to bend your elbows, they are your shock absorbers. tilt your body a little farther forward to almost match your calf angle, and i can tell your are trying to squeeze her forward, but still try to maintain the depth in your heel.

overall, you look like a beginner, and only being able to ride once a week doesnt help that, but i think you do have some great potential. i envy your long-legged slenderness lol! if you go and look at the top equitation riders, they all have pretty much the same body type :)

as for your horse, she looks to be on the lazy side, but sweet and reliable at the same time. deffinately a good horse to learn on. (the lazyness makes you work harder ;D)

good luck, and i am glad you have a trainer that you like!

Pekoe 11-27-2010 02:54 AM

thanks for the critiques, ladies! I've got some things to work on now.

cosmomomo - Just noticed about the second picture haha. I'm not really sure either =P.
I think in the fifth picture I might be adjusting my reins, which would explain why my wrists are bent downwards. Good pointer about the ice cream cones, though. Thanks for the helpful critique!

Tinyliny- thank you! Yeah, me too. Winter's rough =(

GCSM16 - thanks =P! I know what you mean about my hands/wrists, don't worry =)

ALSO - link to critique thread from quite a while ago.
has some videos and such, which may help gain a better understanding of my riding, or whether there are any differences between then and now.

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