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whiteblaze786 11-27-2010 01:00 AM

TB Mare with Behaviour Problems?!?
I have a OTT 5yr old TB Mare who has a few behavior issues, for starters she hates being touched around her girth area, especially with a girth strap. She will pin her ears back and try to bite my arm off, as well as cow-kicking when i tighten the girth.

I have had her checked out by a vet and a chiropractor and nothing came up, she is a really sweet mare in the paddock, it is only when i try to saddle her up that this behavior is shown. her saddle has also been professionally fitted.

I haven't ridden her yet as she needs to be re broken but it is just the issues with the cow-kicking and biting.

The only other issue she has is with her hind hooves. she will not allow her hind hooves to be picked out. when you go to pick up her hind legs she will kick out, move and try to pull the leg out of your hand. It is nearly impossible to keep a hold. I have trained her to lift her legs by me tapping her leg with a dressage whip and that has worked great, but she is still yet to let me life her legs.

Any suggestions out there? Sorry for long post by the way :)

corinowalk 11-27-2010 01:23 AM

For the cinchiness...get a massage therapist out. She may have a muscle spasm in her girth area that is causing her pain.

Did you vet do any tests for ulcers? I hear they are very common in OTTB's. That can cause cinchiness and cowkicking.

whiteblaze786 11-27-2010 01:31 AM

yeah a close friend had a similar problem like mine and it turned out to be ulcers, from what the vet could tell me she has nothing medically wrong that could be causing this behavior. thanks for your reply by the way.

Any advice if it is just a simple behavior problem? Like ways to train her out of the bad behavior??

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