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franknbeans 11-28-2010 09:16 AM

Reining saddles
I have a question for all the reiners out there. I am getting a new saddle for x-mas, and am debating which one to get. Price range I prefer under $3k, need at least full bars, but prefer a ladies saddle with a narrow twist, close contact skirts, pre-turned stirrups for easy break in. I am not huge on showing, but will most likely do a little bit, not something with lots of silver or really flashy. I will also be using it for some trails and pleasure riding, but the reining is the priority. I would also prefer something that would hold its value pretty well, so that I can trade up when I am ready.

Here are the 2 I prefer so far.....

15.5" 16" Supreme Reining Saddle by Crates Regular or Wide 4557
Dale Chavez Opportunity Reiner

I appreciate the input from the people out there who know this stuff-I am pretty new to reining.

ALenny 12-17-2010 12:39 PM

I ride in a Bob's Custom saddle and would not trade it in for the world! They are so comfortable and hold their value pretty well.... You could probly be able to find one under 3,000 at Pards western shop or the Bob's website as well! (used of course)
Hope you find a good one!

franknbeans 12-17-2010 12:45 PM

I got a textan futurity, which I will use for 6 month or so, then trade for a Wengers custom. Thanks-Bobs would be a dream!
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ALenny 12-17-2010 12:52 PM

Good! Too bad i hadnt found this forum sooner!! :P I had a Bob's for sale but ive sold it..

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