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Rachel1786 11-28-2010 04:55 PM

Kicking while riding
I have a 13 year old OTTB mare, Bella, i got her in june from the new holland kill pen. Since she was from the kill pen she came with no history, but i traced her tattoo to a horse named Alyrunj, which lead me to 2 classified ads from about 2 years ago Your FREE Horse Classifieds Marketplace - (this ad is how i know it was 2 years ago because it lists her age as 11) Thoroughbred Horse for Sale in Craigsville, Virginia, When i got her she was pretty crazy so i gave her a long break, in the end of september we(me and a trainer) started working with her on gound manners and lunging, when that was going well we started to see how she handled weight on her back, which she had no problems with, so i got on and my trainer led her around, after doing that a few times she started riding her and she was doing great, her mouth is extremely soft and she collects very well, after a very short time she had mastered all the gaits and was doing leg yields and shoulder in's, but then one day after about 15 minutes or so of ring work she just stopped by the gate and started kicking, like she was trying to kick at Brittany(the trainer who was on her) she made her move on after some work, for a while that became a regular thing, Bella never won, and the kicking never escalated to anything more. then when my round pen was finished and we started riding her in there she was fine, until after a few weeks again she started doing it in there, now she will do it in there, but if we ride her out in the pasture or around the barn she will be fine. it hasn't really been a problem since Brittany was working with her and she was doing really well, but Brittany moved back to michigan today so i will be pretty much on my own and i need some tips and advice on why she is doing this and what i can do, Thank you, and sorry this is so long

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