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tpup 11-29-2010 03:15 PM

Replacing corn oil - anyone use Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil Plus?
Looking to replace corn oil for hard keeper. I am worried it is causing inflammation with his arthritis. Does anyone use the TC rice bran oil? Would love any feedback or other recommendations.

luvs2ride1979 11-29-2010 03:33 PM

The oil is nice, but expensive. It would be cheaper to use plain rice bran or rice bran pellets. I have had good luck with milled or ground flax. My local feed store has 50 lb bags of ground brown flax for only $28. You would feed 1-2 cups a day for weight gain. You could feed up to 3 cups. has NutraFlax, which is a human grade golden flax with added clacium. It's good stuff, but I feed 8 horses, so I had to cut back ;-). Their prices include shipping.

laceyf53 12-04-2010 03:23 PM

hmmm... to buy stabilized rice bran and stabilized ground flax is probably not going to save you any money from buying the oil. I have heard great things about this oil, but I have not tried it. Triple Crown offers other really great feeds that have stabilized rice bran and flax in them with an oat hull base instead of alfalfa. I would browse their webpage and find one that meets your needs, because all of their feeds are stellar!

And if you are in TripleCrown country, that means you are in LMF country, and they have some amazing feeds like LMF Gold that will help with weight gain and not make your horse hot. Rice bran is the best way to fatten a horse up, but please no matter what you choose make sure the rice bran is stabilized!

laceyf53 12-04-2010 03:33 PM

oops, wrong thread.

horsemassage 12-11-2010 12:34 AM

I am a big fan of Cocosoya oil, which is expensive, but is unprocessed coconut and soybean oils. It smells like popcorn butter, and hot dang my horse looks awesome! I also love Omega Horseshine, which is ground flaxseed and some other stuff, it is pretty cheap and is full of Omegas and my horses are SO shiny and dappled.
I have also used plain soybean oil from the grocery store (usually sold as vegetable oil, check the ingredients) and it works great too and is cheaper than Cocosoya which is about $15 a gallon. I have friends that use Animed's Flax Seed Oil and like it, but it's spendy too.

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