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lilbit11011 11-29-2010 04:54 PM

Ideas to help a bossy horse??
My 12 yr old gelding has had a lot of pasture time lately due to my having to care for other urgent needs. Now that I can get out to the barn and ride now and play with them, I have found that my gelding has gotten spoiled and bossy. He has no respect for personal space. He will do fine under saddle. Quite, trusting, easy to manage basically....but on the ground he is pushy, won't lead well, nippy, ect. Any one have any ideas on how best to correct this? Or maybe links to a video?

lilbit11011 11-29-2010 04:56 PM

also, he has never done lunge line work. Would like to teach him...but have no idea how to best start this. Would such a thing help with his bossy problems?

MyBoyPuck 11-29-2010 09:41 PM

Put a rope halter and a long line on him. Every time he gets pushy or gets into your space, back him up by wiggling the lead line for lack of a better description. The more of a butt he's being, the more aggressively you back him out of your space. A lesser offense gets him just a few steps. Just match his attitude back with some of your own. Not in an angry way, but he needs to understand, if he tries A, he's going to get B, no exceptions.

tinyliny 11-29-2010 11:33 PM

There are a lot of threads here on dealing with pushy horses. And Puck said it pretty simply. You have to set limits and be firm. In my opinion, like pulling off a bandaid, better to do it quick and clean. If you once had a clear relationship as herd leader with this horse, and it went soft due to not being there to enforce it, you just have to bite the bullet and enforce it. Once or twice very firmly is better than nagging. You might have to get big enough to jog his memory and get a clean change of heart in him. This is usually how horses do it. The dominant horse takes after the interloper good and hard, the other horse leaps in surprise and runs off. But he never makes that mistake again.
So, make an impression.

As for lunging, I look at lunging as something that is best learned from someone who reall knows how to do it. I mean anyone can make a horse go around them in a circle, but there can be a lot more to it. Is there anyone who might teach you? I paid a pro to give me two complete lessons , just on lunging. It was a real eye openner.
Hope it works for you.

Julie Goodnight is a great trainer and has a good website. check her out.

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