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brookelovesparelli 12-01-2010 07:49 PM

Help keeping a sick stabled horse busy..
So my delemer is my poor baby has pneumonia, due to this change in weather after it being warm for a while to being cold and rainy. I thought she'd be right without a rug on over the weekend, and i justerfided this choice in my head because all the other horses in her paddock aren't rugged. Well wrong I was, I feel very guilty but what can you do now i guess. She's usally in a paddock with her mates 24/7 and being locked up in a shed is killing her. It's a large fully inclosed shed, the shed gets used to store feed in one side because that side has like a 'deck' of sorts and the other side is just dirt with a gate at the front. Abbi's in this side and we've just set up our portable yard in there, attached to one side of the walls. It's very big so she's got plenty of room to move around and her legs aren't getting swollen or anything but she's just bored and really wants to be out in her paddock. She's got a salt lick, large fresh water bucket, plenty of hay in a hay net as I thought this would keep her a bit busy getting it out of the hay net and make her take longer to eat it, she's got sawdust up the back to lie down in if she wants, i've hung up a couple of plastic water bottles with carrots, apples, licorish and that kinda thing in them with the lids off (she tried for about a second when i first hung them up to get it out and then decided she couldn't care less) and she's also got one of the rope chew toy thingo for dogs hanging up as well as a soccor ball. Have I missed anything?? Im at a lost of what else to do with her to keep her entertained. I walk her when the rain dies down and let her pick at grass but she just isn't happy. any ideas or help would be great I feel really bad for her and she has to be in there until it stops raining and she's finished her injections. Thanks.

luvs2ride1979 12-01-2010 10:33 PM

Get two small mesh hay nets and put his hay in them. It will take him a lot longer to eat it and he will be happier. It's more like grazing.

Take a plastic milk jug, well washed out, and punch some holes in it. Fill it with some feed or hay pellets. Make the holes just slightly bigger than the feed or hay pellets you want to use. Hang it from the ceiling in a corner at nose level. He'll figure out that as he "plays" with it, small amounts of feed fall out. Duct tape the lid on so he doesn't figure out how to take it off ;-).

Ask your vet about hand walking her daily, away from the other horses. That will help with her mental stability.

If she's on grain, cut her ration back in half and feed more hay instead. Grain or feed gives them extra energy, which she doesn't need right now. Extra hay will keep her busier in her stall, especially with the small mesh hay nets.

mbender 12-02-2010 07:56 AM

Just a question. Your horse has pneumonia and she has to be stalled? Does she have a blanket on? Is she let out only if its not raining or just stalled and hand walked? I had a filly who had pneumonia and my vet told me to get her out of the stall keep a blanket on her and let her be outside. The fresh air was better for her than being cooped up in a dusty barn. She was still getting her injections but he wanted her outside. Needless to say she got better quicker. But that was my vets recommendations.
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brookelovesparelli 12-02-2010 02:55 PM

Yes she's got a light rug on in the shed as its warm and doesn't need anything heaver it's being thunderstorming here all week with only about 10min max breaks between rain. So she's getting hand walked in thoses brakes but my vet told me not to let her be out in the rain.

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