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Rachluvshorses4eva 03-24-2008 05:17 AM

On The Bit? Or On The Vertical?
Hey guys,
Me and my friend had this disagreement on whether the horse we both ride has his head on the vertical or on the bit. Please tell me the number of the picture, then the vertical or on the bit. Thanks.
(2) I think on this one he is on the bit.
(3) Vertical? Almost?
(4) Vertical? Bit?
(6) Bowing to the camera


Stepher 03-24-2008 09:38 AM

On the bit means that the horse is using himself, stretching his back, lifting it, and rounding his neck. The vertical refers to where his head is, it is vertical to the ground. From these pictures I dont think your horse is either.
Here is a horse that is on the bit, and on the vertical:

Your first pic:
his head is just there - he's not using himself, and there is no contact for him to stretch into.
Second pic:
He could be using his hind end more, push him forward and get him to step under himself more; his head is behind the vertical, means he is avoiding work.
Third pic:
His legs are still trailing behind him, and his head is just in his natural position.
Fourth Pic: behind again, and not using himself.
Five: he looks like he might be behind again
And 6 is just cute :wink:

What you need to do is get him moving off his hind end; think of riding him forward and up (I tend to say this with the beat of the gate- it helps me). Dont worry about where his head is, as he gets stronger his head will naturally go where it needs to.
Good luck, hope this helps!

Kyani 03-24-2008 11:01 AM

I agree with Stepher. In some pictures the horse may be on the vertical, but this really means nothing if he is not on the bit, which he isn't.

I'd stop worrying about where his head is and start working on getting him to use himself properly and work over his back and bring his hindlegs underneath him. Doing this correctly should result in him being 'on the bit', then you can see where he is naturally inclined to carry his head while working properly and work on it if he tends to work in front or behind the vertical. :D

Also, to be on the bit, you need to have a firm, consistant, but GENTLE and elastic rein contact.

Rachluvshorses4eva 03-24-2008 09:53 PM

Thanks. I don't ride him anymore 'cause he got sold. Thank you for helping me understand!

Delregans Way 03-25-2008 12:57 AM

The horse wasnt rounded, he was simply 'tucking' his head. You can tell this as his buck was hollow, that effected his movement.

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