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mooney 12-03-2010 04:44 PM

What are you're own facilities like?
Hey, I know not everyone is lucky (or able) to keep their horse(s) at home. I am able to and I was just wondering what you have set up for them? I just bought 10 acres give or take, in the process of being cleared, I have a 100x 150 arena and a round pen. A couple stone dust and run in paddocks (40x60). No horse barn, but a steel barn for hay and bedding. (tack is kept in the house for now) A soon other than a small house, most is or going to be pasture, fruit trees, berry bushes and gardens (I own a small farm business). I only have one horse and hoping to get another next year when I move in.

So what do you have?

equiniphile 12-03-2010 05:08 PM

7 acres, woods in the back and pasture closer to the house. 3-stall barn with hay loft and an awning on one side which will be turned into two stalls and a tack room this spring. The stalls all have access to the main dirt pasture, which we're going to have regraded with limestone and sand so it doesn't keep turning to mud. Behind the main pasture are 3 grazing pastures that run along the woods. Behind the woods are farmer's fields we have permission to ride along, and behind those are park-owned fields that we ride in. Great place to practice galloping ;-) Next to the house we have a lungeing arena and a riding ring, both will hopefully soon be sand.

Beau Baby 12-04-2010 07:41 PM

Just about 12 acres. 2-3 acres wood and wire fenced, about 2 of that is forest, with a creek running through it. Another 2 acres fenced in with electric fencing. The house sits on the 12 acres and over looks the back pasture, is right beside the forested pasture. We have a standard sized arena that we ended up using as a corral. we have a 2 car garage that's been transformed in to a hay and tack shed We have another small 40' paddock attached to the standard sized arena. We have another 1 acre field in the front that needs t be fenced and 4-5{i think} acres out back that need fencing. We are trying to save up the money to do some major construction and get a heated 4 horse barn with wash rack set up. Also we want a nice big indoor arena, not sure how big yet. Those are soon to be additions{hopefully}

smrobs 12-05-2010 12:16 AM

We have about 30 acres of pasture land that most of our horses run on. Our horses that get used often are kept in a smaller paddock in front of the barn (maybe 50x100 feet). We are currently in the process of having a new barn built since our old one burned but as soon as it is done, we will have a 36x100 foot barn that is completely open on the south side. I will have horse runs that are 10x30 running partly into the barn. Also, I will have a small roundpen for the initial starting of young horses and a larger one for more extensive work. The rest of the barn will be used for storage; hay, dog food, tack, harness, tractor, etc. No arena, just a lot of open areas, some of which are flat, for riding outside the roundpen.

starlinestables 12-05-2010 12:52 AM

We own 10 and lease 52 acres with a 60x50 barn that has 6 stalls, feed room, large tack room, bathroom, lounge and hay storage. 160x170 outdoor (which will be increased to a 160x230 outdoor in 2011), 50' round pen, 2 10x10 outdoor wash stalls. We have 3,2-3 acre paddocks up front for stall boarders and then 2, 25 acre pastures in the back with 5, 10x20 lean-to's. We are going to build a 80x250 covered arena with 12 stalls this spring if all goes well.

We started out as a really small 10 acre boarding facility in 2008 and we've been busy little bee's ever since. :o)

CheyGurl17 12-05-2010 10:26 AM

I live on a dairy farm... The piece of land I live on is about 175 acres. My 2 horses have 20 acres, with a little creek. Their fence is electric fencing. They have a run in shelter, but if something really bad happened and they needed a stall, I would take them into the cow barn. The hay is kept in a bale shed. My tack is in my little bunkhouse, where I sleep in throughout the year except for winter, because then it is too cold. We have a small riding ring, and my sister in law, who lives 1/8 of a mile away has a standard (well, a little larger) riding ring. We are currently building a horse barn there for her horses, but she is putting in an extra stall in case i need it, and because i helped her and my bro build both their house and barn. other than that, i live out in the country. miles of beautiful roads to ride on. many nice trails to ride on in my bush (which takes up like 125 acres of the land we live on) and the field all around me either belong to my family or to people we know who let me ride on them all the time!

Hrsegirl 12-05-2010 01:24 PM

I have my horses at my boyfriends boss's dad's house...confusing yes, but that is where I have them. I have a choice of two barns to keep them in, I keep them in the insulated one. It has a large tack room, a loft, one stall and an open end. They don't stay in the barn unless its a really nasty winter storm coming. The other barn is quite a bit larger and I am in the process of cleaning it out and making it into an indoor riding arena. The pasture that they have is pretty good size, but can be divided into three different areas. In the winter, they are in the paddock closest to the barn which is the smallest of the three when separated. Then in the spring, summer and fall they are let out to the other two pieces which in total is about 11 acres, that they share with about 12 cows. There is quite a few acres that I can ride on...Bryan (the boss) owns most of the land around the farm and his friend owns what Bryan doesn't so I don't really have a limited place to could be most of the county if I wanted to ride that far. But it's nice not to have to ask permission and I can just ride. .

SparksFly 12-05-2010 01:45 PM

We have eight acres, four of which are fenced for our three horses. In the pasture we have a huge run in that can hold four horses, so there are plenty for ours.

Then, we have a six stall horse barn with a hayloft, feed room/tack room, and wash stall.

We also have two round pens, one small, one large (not sure of the exact measurements), and an outdoor arena (again, not sure of the measurements).

equiniphile 12-05-2010 02:22 PM

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Okay I did a quick edit on Google Earth.

The green is our property, the yellow outline is the barn and dirt pasture, the purple is our grazing pastures, and the white is the riding ring and round pen.

And the blue is the park-owned fields behind our house we ride on :D

Sunny 12-05-2010 02:43 PM

I keep Sunny at my uncles.

There is a seven acre pasture with a pond, four-stall barn with tack room, feed room, and lean-to shelter. It's surrounded by miles and miles of trails.
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