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BarrelRacer86 12-03-2010 05:31 PM

Your Opinions Please?
First off I have 3 horses, Brady my gelding he's a 1D youth horse, and a 2D Open horse (classes), Patty my mare is just odd, sometimes she's a 1D horse in both classes sometimes she's a 2D horse in both classes. And my colt Eightysix is just trotting the barrels at the moment. Brady is 15 years old and will turn 16 next year, he's a great horse and we've been improving alot since we bought him in March, but he's older. I turn 18 next month, according to NBHA rules I have 2 years left to run Youth class. My consistant 1D horse might not last to much longer or he could last another 10, it's a gamble. I'm thinking about selling Brady next March, March because that's when my saddle series ends. Then buy a younger horse, under 10 with the potential to be a consistant 1D Open class horse. That's also a gamble, but I'm hoping if I spend the money on a well started barrel horse I get what I want. 15 years old isn't that old to me, Brady acts about 10 anyway but for selling it would be better now. When I had him for sell before, people didn't want him cause he was "to old". Then he got 4th place at the county rodeo and everyone wanted him (lol). He won't be hard to sell, most people want an older finished gelding for their kids. But I'm just apprhensive about selling my best horse that might possiable be winning me a saddle, to take a gamble on another.

Bre 12-08-2010 11:12 AM

If I were you I would hang in there with your gelding and take the gamble, because you already have a bond and a good line of communication with him that only comes with the time that you have already spent with him. And to get another horse you will have to start over and that takes time. If you are willing to be patient, and take a step out of the winning circle than get another horse if not just hang in there with your gelding. Good Luck!

BarrelRacer86 12-08-2010 04:24 PM

To be honest, we don't have all that great of a bond. We get along and he does good for me. But he's one of those horses that would do well for anyone, he's a begingers horse. I get attached to my horses, but I still remain a certain detachment (except my mare) to sell. And I wouldn't be stepping out of the winner's circle, I'd still have my mare and possiable my colt still (who will be well started by then) and buying a younger 2D horse with 1D potential. My mare and older gelding are both 1D horses in small pens, but 2D horses in standard or large pens. I saying I'd buy a horse who would be in the winner's circle. As for bonding, I've had and rode so many horses I can figure out a horse pretty quick. That's never been an issue. It's just whether or not the new horse would be 1D, or if my 16 yr old gelding will still hold up another 6 or so years until I can buy a consistant 1D horse.

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