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ShannonSevenfold 12-06-2010 11:34 AM

Great family horse for sale or free lease - Wisconsin
Registered Name: Tidy Red Miss
Dam: Miss Bar Mitch
Sire: Tidy Red Oak Bar
Pedigree: All Breed Pedigree Query
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Age: 20
Height: 14.3 hh
Color: Dun w/ Black Points
Discipline: English, Western

Ti is my AQHA-registered Quarter Horse. She is 20 years old, going to be 21 in January. She is mostly ridden on the trails, but is also used to the arena. She rides Western, English and bareback. She lunges like a dream; all you have to do is clip on the lunge line and she knows what’s up. She’s good with loading, bathing, blankets, leg wraps, tacking up and down. Loves to be groomed, petted and loved on. Her favorite treats are peppermints. I have owned her for almost a year. She adores my 9-year-old sister, and is wonderful with little kids. You can jump on her back, wave your hands around her head, pick up her feet, braid her tail, everything. She has mild arthritis in her hocks, but it doesn’t really affect her ride-ability, though she is a tad lazy – She’d rather walk on the trail all day than trot a lap around the arena, but she will if you ask her to. The only time her hocks seem to bother her is when you’re picking out her feet; she does not like to pick them up as high as the fronts. She’s good with water, sand, gravel, concrete, etc. She can get to be a little barn sour if she is not worked with for a while, but it’s never bad. She grows an epic winter coat and does not need to be blanketed. Does fine on just plain old pasture in the summer. Gets hay and a small scoop of grain in the winter. She is currently out on a free lease, but the lady has hit a hard spot and must return her so she is looking for a new home as I am in school and cannot afford to board her at this point in time. The ideal for me would be to find another family to free lease her, but I will also sell her for $500 or best offer. She is my very best friend in the whole world. A great home is a must, and if I do sell her, I would like it to be to a forever home. She has been bounced around enough in her life and deserves to settle down.

PM if interested. She is the horse in my avatar. Can send more pictures.

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