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faye 12-07-2010 06:01 AM

Funniest show stories?
Tell me your funniest show stories?
I've been showing for 20 years so I have quite a few.

The funniest has to be:
I was leading Danny a HUGE 16hh Welsh section D who is as wide as he is tall and weighs at least 800kg. We were just walking back from the ring having won our inhand class. Danny had spotted the carriages in the main ring and was being an idiot as he didnt like them.
This ment that I had 800kg of cob, who thought he was a stallion, who had his eyes out on stalks, was being an idiot and who i was holding onto for grim death! He has grown a hand in excitement and was spinning round, striking out and generaly pulling like a steam train.

A Random guy stopped me and had his kid dangerously close to danny (and I was gritting my teeth and asking them to step back), then he asked me if I gave pony rides!
Honestly I nearly collapsed laughing!! did I look like I gave pony rides, sorry but I was barely hanging onto this fire breathing monster that was pretending to be a horse and you want to put an 8 yearold kid on his back!!!
Would you put your kid on this when it was very obviously playing up and being a prat of epic porportions?

kitten_Val 12-07-2010 12:33 PM

It's not very funny, but... That was a story from the only show so far I participated (just local horsemanship kinda as my horse was still too young that time). Couple folks brought in a young (2 or 3 years old) nice looking gelding. Obviously having no skills handling the horse (and horse was super hot and super excited). So he started to rear in show ring (judge was too afraid to get close even). Eventually they were asked to take him outside the ring, they did, but decided "they want to stand next to the ring and watch". Well, he reared, landed, fell, and got stuck under the fence. :shock:

The funny part was when people who actually HAVE experience pushed away those owners with dropped jaws and round eyes, and 3 or 4 people actually dragged that horse off that fence and helped him to get up. The good thing he was NOT hurt in any way (just a little shock). And I've seen him starting rearing again 30 mins later (when I was about to leave) out of excitement.

The moral of the story: either teach your horse the manners or at least know how to handle it before you bring it to the show (and it was a big luck people were not hurt either considering plenty of little kids around, because he reared right in middle of the crowd those dummies took him in "to watch").

equiniphile 12-07-2010 12:38 PM

Let's see. My first show ever, I was doing halter with Artie and beforehand we were having quite difficulties having him fox trot beside me because he just wanted to walk. We get in the ring, I kiss to him, and he takes off at a canter while I'm skipping beside him! Slow canter, but it was kinda funny that he wouldn't exert the extra energy to fox trot and then in the ring he felt like cantering xD

Same horse, same show, we were in the jumping classes and he flies over these jumps at home. He's 14.3hh and gaited and he'll jump 2'9" at home. At the show, our first class was 18inch cross rails and he absolutely refused to jump! We would canter up to it, and he's stop dead. I'd circle him, try again, and he's refuse again! We were excused from all 3 jumping classes :lol:

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